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46Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Divine Feminine

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  • dottie zold
    Nov 8, 2003
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      Hey Rick,

      Where is this quote from? I hope its not the same one
      from the Nag Hammadi book of Mary. I am wondering if
      anyone knows if this book found of Mary is different
      than the one found in the late 1800s? I just read
      there was a book of Mary found during that time
      period. Don't know the specifices though or the
      validity of such a thing.

      The Sufi women as well were called male but that was
      in reference to Master.

      I still don't understand the etheric things so much. I
      can't seem to really really rap my mind around it.


      --- Richard Distasi <radistasi@...> wrote:
      > "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that
      > she too can
      > become a living spirit resembling you males. For
      > every femaile who makes
      > herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven."

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