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45808Re: UFOs October 2010, It's Happening Globally !!! (Prediction True)

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Oct 30, 2010
      Tarjei and I have been needling this UFO fan...and rightly so. But now that there seems to be a rest period, I'll tell about my own UFO experience. It was in the early seventies in a suburb of Buenos Aires where I lived. A Sunday afternoon, my wife and I were walking, returning home from the ice cream parlor, eating cones, when suddenly a reddish sphere became visible a few miles away in the sky heading toward us. We stopped in our tracks, as did a few other people on the other side of the street. The sphere braked at the end of the block, about 50 yards from us and hovered there above the one-story houses - it being about the size of a house itself. It was or looked like a perfect sphere, not a spaceship, no little men. We felt no fear. Then after a few seconds it sped away in the direction it had come at a tremendous speed until it was a small dot. End of story. Many others saw it as well and the newspapers the next day reported that the Air Force said it was probably a weather balloon (so what else is new?) It could have been (perhaps) a hologram.

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      > > > Globally? There's been no sign of them flying saucers in our neck of
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      > > > woods.
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      > > C'mon, Tarjei, if you were a Martian, where would you go - the Big
      > Apple or Norway?
      > What Martian? Didn't it say GOODYEAR on it or something?
      > Tarjei
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