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45546No More Hole!

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  • ted.wrinch
    Sep 30, 2010
      Hi All,

      I've just posted the below as what I hope is my last communication with the hole. I don't know If I've achieved much and I haven't 'won' anything, as that's impossible since logic itself shrivels up and dies in that place of despair.

      "It's been an interesting exchange that we've had over Steiner, Ostwald and materialism over the past year. You've demonstrated that you don't understand primary qualities (for instance that they are measurable) and cannot therefore have any understanding of their immense significance for the development and success of Western science over the last four hundred years (an interesting situation for someone who claims to teach history of science at an Ivy League institution). In our discussion of 'materialism' you have failed to provide a single definition of what you understand by 'matter' and have instead spent the time attacking the three standard philosophical definitions that I provided and that I demonstrated matched the understanding of Ostwald and Steiner. This indicates that you do not understand what materialism is (an interesting situation for someone who claims to teach philosophy at the same institution). In spite of this failure on your part you have continued to argue that I don't understand materialism, that I use the term vaguely, too sweepingly and in some specialised, 'anthroposophical' manner. To bolster the weakness of your position you have not scrupled to the use of the full range of logical fallacies, the making of false assertions and imputations, as well as invidious appeals to emotion. None of the above is what one would expect from a 'scholar' and 'historian' such as you claim yourself to be; it is rather what one would expect of a charlatan or what others have termed an 'illusionist'.

      Yours for truth,


      Ted Wrinch"


      Ted Wrinch
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