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44998SV: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Saint Peter and Paul

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  • Kim Graae Munch
    Jul 1, 2010
      It's a good observation that Paul (out of time) were the replacement of Judas. I hadn't thought of that and it explains a lot.

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      Emne: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Saint Peter and Paul
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      Hi Friends, I have been reading St. Paul for a few weeks now and I found myself knocking at Rembrandt's door curiously. I went to purchase a book and didn't realize I did not have enough  money for my $20 purchase of a sketch board for Elderberries along with some plates etc and had to put back a book I wanted to purchase that had jumped out at me, Rembrandt's Sketches. As i went to put it back I heard the salesman hollar to another 'the young lady has $24 and the price is $25', (this did not include the $3 for the book) and the other person hollared back 'that is fine'. I showed him the book was not a part of that gift transaction and he smiled so beautifully at me and handed it to me. :) so I come home with this interesting book.
      Below we have an interesting self portrait of Mr. Rembrandt as Saint Paul.

      Now, in this sketch book I also come to some inspirations that I did not intend to do and I was kinda surprised one by one these connections kept coming up for me....I mean I have for years been wondering and contemplating on things but as I looked at these paintings, just like with Da Vinci's I feel like I see their secrets. For example, in Rembrandts sketches and paintings I find he has hidden hebrew letters and also numbers. I do not know if anyone knows this. They are clear as a bell for me. He has hidden so much which is why or because of what he has found in Da Vinci's paintings. He was a rebel as much as Da Vinci was.
      Now, interestingly enough as well, we have to consider why this man would paint himself as St. Paul. Not only that but we have to consider who really took Judas' place: it was St. Paul. This was the one chosen by the Lord, not the one chosen by the disciples. This man St. Paul was chosen. And as Peter was the one chosen for the jews, Paul was chosen for the gentiles.
      And that last sentence is what led me to wonder who was Peter and Paul in the Old Testament. In fact, who were the disciples throughout history...we really never talk about that or really contemplate that deeper. Well, I think I have found maybe a little clue to Peter and Paul:
      File:Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn 062.jpg
      Now, look at the wife also, very interesting face, veil actually.
      And, now look below, we have Aristotle considering a bust of Homer. What the heck is this saying....I have to say that Paul is deeply connected to Paul. And of course we wouldn't expect anything else would we with a man known as the closest of all to the Christ Consciousness as Rudolf Steiner, and the first in full consciousness, different from that of Lazarus at the time, with Paul.
      Now, who is Homer:)
      Gotta run, d
      "Hence only by means of love can we give real help for karma to work out in the right way." Rudolf Steiner

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