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  • asbolo
    Apr 5, 2010
      Let's recapitulate very briefly: we are not on the periphery of the earth but inside of it, right at the center, and this ideal, imagined sphere is not perceptible, but results from our experience of rotation and zodiacal revolution. The internalization of these forces does not lead to the perception of the earth as a planet seen from outer space, but to the earth-being that comes from the beginnings of time (Saturn-Sun-Moon...). The "depths of the earth" are not the anti-earth or anti-life layers of liquefied metal leading to a hypothetical nucleus, but the formative forces of time, "the realm of the mothers", that takes us back to the spiritual worlds and the dimensionless origin of all things, as we approach infinity in our "descent" towards the periphery of the earth-sphere.

      This "descent" is Initiation, and as we penetrate deeper into the living earth's interior, into this most venerable, most sacred, most virginal, most ancient mother, we recapitulate all the evolutionary stages that both earth and man have gone through the ages. This wisdom of the ages is the earth itself, its life-tableau that exists forever like a river without time. We recapitulate the time when the Moon was still inside the earth, the fall of man, the division of the sexes, the origin of evil, the Sun separating from the earth, the ancient Saturn. Initiation is inextricably linked to the formation of the earth, we ourselves become the earth and recapitulate its primal beginnings. As we descend we also ascend through the planetary spheres.

      The belief that the spiritual descent into the earth means going inside the dense metallic core and the anti-life forces is a deception. These anti-life forces are outside, not inside the earth. Looking at the earth from "outer space" is entering forcefully into this anti-world, encapsulated in a mechanical uterus, looking at life from afar, and then coming back with a very wrong idea of what the earth is. This machine-encapsulation is actually an artificial death, an artificial form of anti-Initiation: real dying is when we leave the physical body, and doing it consciously and coming back from it is Initiation. This is the only way can enter into the earth-being and witness the forces from which the earth, life, as well as time itself, are formed.

      We normally don't see these elemental forces, we only see their by-product: the many and varied forms of earth-phenomena that are studied by the geologist, the geographer, the biologist, or the meteorologist. We are led to believe that the energy for all this comes from the Sun, but we we remove this veil of deceptive abstractions and pay attention to what we see, we realize that the Sun everyday goes inside the earth, it spends the night in the Underworld, so the inner earth forces are also solar and celestial, but have gone through a very deep and powerful transformation: here the solar and sky forces become the mineral base of all substances. These alchemical forces are the building stones of which the world is formed

      When we perceive with our etheric body, the third dimension is dropped, and we enter into the imaginative world where everything is liquid. We see the elemental forces filling the space left by the physical forms, making then come out as if through a spell. We perceive behind this ever-living elemental action the loving warmth or presence of the Virgin, and as time passes we can see how this Virgin assumes a more venerable and larger shape, until its changing countenance from summer to winter, from draught to rainfall, is transformed inside of us into a feeling of great sadness and sacrifice, a sad song of wisdom that comes to us from the beginnings of time, and we start feeling that we are coming inside this being.

      Since there is no 3rd dimension, it is absurd to talk of ascension or descension through the sky-ladder or through the rocky layers of the earth. It is more like the gentle dropping of veils. We begin to see behind the action of the elements the igneous incandescent light, the profound fire-pulse, the alchemical oven, the crucible of a big blue Sun inside the earth where matter and substance is being formed and destroyed. We realize that this is echoed or reflected on the horizon at sunrise and at sunset, where matter becomes spirit and spirit becomes matter. And each of this metallic and igneous forces takes us back to the beginnings where the earth was being formed, we witness each event knowing that we were there and the events are and were happening to us.

      The journey inside the earth is a journey in time to its beginnings as we ourselves become the earth, it is not a descent into Hell, into the sub-world, the spiritual counterpart of the inner metallic layers leading to the material nucleus where all evil in the earth-Cosmos originates, where each spiritual being or force has its evil counterpart of materiality devoid of spirit or life. Does this evil dead anti-life world exist? Sure it does! Is it inside the earth? No!, it is outside, or below, underneath, it is sub-earth, sub-nature, or whatever term we want to use, but it is not the "inside" of the living-earth. The terms we use are not important, what is very important in my view, is that we understand the difference, and understand what happens if we don't.


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      >Picturing the earth from outer space, as a sphere made of mass, rock, gravity, etc., with us living on its surface, is looking at the earth from outside through a window provided by a machine, and it can only show what the machine can see. The reality that we experience is the opposite: we are living at the center of this sphere, not on its outside surface, and the sphere itself is the idea of the Cosmos that results from the phenomenon of daily rotation and annual revolution, by the rising and setting of the stars and the helicoidal movements of the planets along the zodiacal two-dimensional belt. The sphere itself is a concept or an abstraction, it is not real, what is real is the forces of rotation and of annual and zodiacal revolution that produce the rhythmic alternation of day and night and of the seasons, the cycles of Nature, the breathing in and breathing out of the Cosmos.
      >This living Cosmos that contains the stars and the planets, the Moon and the Sun, the whole of Creation, all this is "Earth". This cosmic egg or earth-Cosmos is the solar system as a whole. But for most of us this is at first only an ideal beyond our direct experience. What we all experience is the exuberance of life and mineral forms in a constant state of flux or development, like a river that flows from its paradisiacal origins, always becoming, always renewing itself, always virginal, changing its face like a flow of living wisdom that is telling a story. We experience the darkness every night enveloping the earth, containing everything like inside of a veil, and the Sun rising from the depths and removing this veil every day, radiating from out of itself the openness of space, carrying the light and the warmth that keeps everything alive.
      >The earth has a countenance that changes over the course of time. In the same way that the idea or concept of a sphere arises in us from the physical experience of rotation, the observation of the yearly changes of the earth gives birth in us to the feeling or intuition of the earth-being, that can't be observed directly with our eyes. These changes are correlated to the movements and cycles of the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars at night, but this celestial script is only the dots or pattern, the notation or musical score: the music itself, the concrete spiritual reality of which these celestial patterns speak, is the earth. This earth is not a material ball of rock with a biosphere on its surface and an atmosphere surrounding it, but a flowing, fruitful incarnation of fulfilled Wisdom. The living Sophia that we picture coming from heavenly or spiritual realms is the the earth-being when seen through time.
      >Time Earth, and Wisdom are synonyms. Time is the life-tableau or biography of the imaginative earth. Likewise Wisdom is our ability to hear and understand the Earth's Song through inspiration.
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