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44046Easter Message from His Holiness Uncle Taz, with Blessings for the Holefolks!

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  • elfuncle
    Apr 3, 2010
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      Here's a collection of notes about Rodeo-Jesus, Rambo-Jesus, Blasphemy & Global Censorship, How Christ Got The Death Penalty, the meaning of "passing the cup" (in Gethsemane), about having to hate your parents and siblings and your own life to be a Christian, Buddhist Easter, the Bunny, the Chicken and the Eggs and much more, including plenty of quotes from the Gospels and from Rudolf Steiner:


      Every glimmer of light shared here on the AT is usually swallowed up with voracious hunger down below in the Abyss, our audience on the balcony. And the light shineth into the hole, but the hole comprehendeth it not. They seek to understand the riddle of their existence through a sinister and perplexing mixture of quotes by Rudolf Steiner's lectures and excerpts from Hitler's 'Mein Kampf;" no wonder they're always cranky.

      But bless the wretched souls, for they shall see.... they don't get to see anything, that's their innocence and their blessing. We're sending them our love and our prayers.

      Now something else for the season: The Resurrection of Christ.

      The Resurrection Body may be extremely challenging to grasp, but this approach makes it comprehensible to the most discriminating scientific intellect, which is why it's called spiritual science. This was the very lecture cycle that gave rise to Rudolf Steiner's formidable opposition from occult quarters, because important secrets were made public.


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