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43390Re: Fishing the GA of a Fish-Initiate

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  • Juan Revilla
    Mar 2, 2010
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      >Kim: No, everybody don't need to be esoteric scientists, which also Steiner stated himself. Today life itself helps the initiate through the initiation.

      J: Right. We seem to be on the same track here.

      >K: The knowledge about reincarnation and karma is necessary to se the spiritual world as logic and just.

      J: This a simple but clear answer at the level of the rational soul. What happens when we raise our understanding of karma and reincarnation to the consciousness soul?

      >What really could help the natural initiates of today is knowledge about the Holy spirit, as the road to Christ goes through the Holy Spirit. Another thing is that Reincarnation and Karma are the responsibility of the Holy Spirit.

      Interesting. Can you explain more?

      >All this discussion concerns the path to Christ, when we have reached Christ, this is something we have put behind us.

      I'm not sure what you mean by "this", so maybe I am not saying the same thing here: that essentially, once we have reached Christ, all doctrines, concepts or teachings about the spiritual (such as karma and reincarnation) cease to be "critical" or indispensable. In Him or through Him we have what we need for our spiritual future.

      I wonder if Steiner was asked this question directly or attempted to answer it before: Is teaching about karma and reincarnation so indispensable that finding this personal relationship with Christ will not make it "less indispensable"? What is it so indispensable about that TEACHING or CONCEPT that Christ cannot "shield" the human being from the negative effects of LIVING karma in such a way that the concept of it is left behind?

      >Please try to formulate what you mean Steiner lacks in connection with Christ (and other) in clear words. We are a little curious about what is so difficult to explain that you don't think that other than you yourself can understand it.

      I am only talking of karma and reincarnation now, and have already expressed almost everything I wanted to say (there is only one little point left). I'm sorry if you don't find it clear enough, or if you presume that I think I am the only one who understands.

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