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  • Juan Revilla
    Mar 2 6:23 AM
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      In http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/GospLuke/19090926p01.html Steiner talks about the necessity for not knowing about karma and reincarnation until some hundred years ago and of the necessity to know it now. He especially talks about the power of Faith, which is necessary for the future spiritual development, and that Faith we would not got if we had known about reincarnation and karma in the intermediate period.

      Steiner always positions himself before Reality (including the supersensible spiritual reality or "supersensible knowledge") in the way needed by the scientist of the spirit or Spiritual Science. To some this means that his descriptions or explanations are "brainy" or cold, but I think he always, and I mean always, takes great care to talk in such a way that the life, the heart and the warmth is present, even though some people are not able to see it or feel it.

      This positioning is what I called before "relationship", a particular, individual or "personal" relationship with the reality he perceives or grasps. This relationship or positioning of Steiner has 2 aspects: that of the "scientist of the spirit", and that of the teacher who is guiding us to approach supersensible reality in the right way, which means in a **different** way from what we are used to.

      The main result or aim is therefore not just an accumulation of knowledge but more importantly or above all a re-education of thinking. It is this re-education what to me is the single most important contribution of Antrhoposophy to the world, next to which the teaching of karma and reincarnation by itself looks insignificant if one realizes that this has been taught by many before and after him who had a greater impact on general culture outside of Europe.

      There is no question that, from Steiner's position(ing), teaching karma and reincarnation is indispensable: on the one hand from the point of view of a Science of the Spirit or knowledge of the higher worlds --I have no problem with that, and on the other hand from the point of view of development the "right" relationship to the spiritual world: it is from this second point of view where I think he is missing something important or essential from the Christian point of view.

      As I suggested before, the reason for this "miss" (what is I have partly explained already in other posts) is a result of his particular positioning, or in broader terms his particular "mission". But nothing of what I am saying makes sense or will be considerered relevant if we first do not accept the idea of Steiner's particular positioning or particular mission, that necessarily limited his scope in certain areas.

      The same thing from another angle: do we (or must we) all assume the position of a scientsis of the Spirit? Do we have too look at karma and reincarnation from that point of view alone? Do we all have to relate to supersensible knowledge like Steiner did? What happens when Karma and reincarnation is looked at from the point of view of traditional Christian values? (e.g., faith, hope, caritas...)

      ... not from the point of view of knowledge about Christ or about Christianity, not from the "Science of the Spirit", but from our relationship to the world when our soul is overflowing with the presence of Christ and we don't have to worry about being "subjective" to know that our own experience has a universal value.

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