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43371RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Fishing the GA of a Fish-Initiate

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  • Kim Graae Munch
    Mar 1, 2010
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      Better be the first to Mars, than visit the Moon again.
      If he focus on Mars he may get the other countries to focus on Mars also, instead of the Moon they are focusing on now.
      Mars is so long out into the future that you are free to set the budget as you wan't, where the Moon was in the near future and therefore required a more realistical and expensive budget.
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      Speaking of landing on the moon, President Obama has cancelled the Moon department and is now full steam ahead to Mars. Now that's damn interesting. I am wondering why, why is it that he picked Mars and what did he see about the moon project that just didn't make sense....like maybe we never landed...well I don't know truthfully about these things but it's still damn interesting, d

      "Hence only by means of love can we give real help for karma to work out in the right way." Rudolf Steiner

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      Congratulations, Juan!
      You've just landed on the Moon :-)

      "Jean-Marc, why is it so indispensable? (Steiner doesn't explain it here)."

      That's one small question for Juan, one giant interrogation for mankind...

      One example among so many - Rudolf Steiner [GA 135 - March 5, 1912]:

      Even when we are speaking of what is absolutely fundamental in evolution,
      for example, the subject of Christ, this is not the salient point as regards
      the Anthroposophical Movement as such; the essential point is the form which
      the subject of Christ assumes when reincarnation and karma are received as
      truths into the hearts of men. The light thrown upon the subject of Christ
      by the truths of reincarnation and karmathat is the essential point.

      If you're *really* interested --- Rudolf Steiner explains it wonderfully
      in the 5 lectures of GA 135...


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      --- In anthroposophy_ tomorrow@ yahoogroups. com, Juan Revilla <hylonome@...> wrote:
      > >Anyone possessed of faculties that can be kindled by spiritual science will realize from the voice of his own soul that the teaching of Karma and Reincarnation is indispensable.
      > Jean-Marc, why is it so indispensable? (Steiner doesn't explain it here).
      > Juan

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