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4323Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Sune Nordwall's original post re Peter

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  • Peter Staudenmaier
    Apr 8, 2004
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      Hi Daniel, you wrote:
      "I suppose I have to travel back in time to forge a Vermeer painting."
      If the painting has been hanging in a museum for eighty years, then yes, you would indeed need to travel back in time in order to have forged it. Steiner's 'folk souls' lectures were first published more than eighty years ago. If you think I forged them, that means you think I traveled back in time to do so. Misinterpreting or misrepresenting an authentic text has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with forgery.
      "I could never just "discover" it and then pass it off as authentic."
      I did not discover Steiner's 'folk souls' lectures. If you think the published versions of these lectures are not authentic, go ahead and tell us why.
      "Peter, your original article invented new content for Anthroposophy (such as the non-existent "nordic-germanic sub-race", which only exists in your article). This new content was produced as "evidence" of racism in Anthroposophy. That seems pretty close to forgery to me."
      It does? Then you don't understand what forgery is. All you say above is that I misrepresented the content of a text that Steiner wrote and published. You do not say that I wrote and published the text myself under Steiner's name.
      "It is not the word I would have used, but I can understand why Sune chose it."
      I thought I originally understood his choice of words as well, and I said to him what I just said to you time and time again. Each time he insisted that *forgery* was at stake, not misrepresentation. That is why the whole topic is a waste of time, as I have also frequently pointed out. Aside from Sune, as far as I can tell, all any of you really thinks I did was misread and misportray an authentic text. You do not really think I faked a non-existent text.

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