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  • fs13997
    Feb 20, 2010
      The suggestion of creating a network to collaborate on the translation of one of Massimo's books seems a good idea. The text could be posted and various people might contribute on revising and adding parts. Also, I don't have any interest in any rights that may derive from such work. But together we might help each other through reciprocal suggestions, corrections, and ideas.


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold <dottie_z@...> wrote:
      > Andre I like the word table idea you have of noting areas you think might need some more help. My friend Milena doesn't have alot of time but I know if you get things going she can check on the languages and how they meet what is trying to be said. She's also someone who appreciates Rudolf Steiner's work although she has not studied it.
      > I think it would be a good project/endeavor for you to do if you have time and find worth in Massimo's work and think others could benefit from his considerations. You are now working with the Beings of Form when you seek to create a group such as the one we are speaking about. If it is selfless and serves the Beings will help you to keep on keeping on until you find the right team.
      > I will ask tonight for some ideas that might help you with this endeavor.
      > All good things,
      > Dottie
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