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  • dottie zold
    Feb 14, 2010
      Good Sunday Friends,
      I woke up this morning with the thought of the Fall through the chakras....I was thinking how the creative chakra, or root chakra was the last point and that is what creates through desire versus through spirit....and the phallus within its upright status also shows us the way up through the spirit.
      I was thinking how amazing it is we have these choices of how to create in the world and we can see how most choose to create which is out of this desire chakra...the heart has nothing to do with that in its fallen status....but that was not the point I wanted to share but cannot seem to catch the thread I was working with this morning and wanted to share....but in any case I thought it interesting how this ....,okay good sunday, d

      "Hence only by means of love can we give real help for karma to work out in the right way." Rudolf Steiner

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      Subject: Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Steffen and Vreede - was: Elementals and Magic - Solar Magic
      To: anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, February 12, 2010, 11:12 PM

      Why was I writing Frederico???? :)))) that is so funny...
      I know of no other man with the quality of the countanence of Michael other than Rudolf Steiner. None other. He collaborates with Michael cleary. If he is the Bodhisattva or not for me is of not big concern because it's not about the title but about the journey to come that speaks out of a life long, eternal beingness long, of service to Christ in the most devoted manner that speaks of a continual sacrafice of his self. If he is not the Bodhisattva he is the right hand to this Being. And Fred, believe it or not, Sergei Prokofieff stands right beside him devoted to him in all his sacrafices, trying to flesh out the things that Rudolf Steiner worked so tirelessly for and towards. When we allow all the pettyness to eclipse his genius of Rudolf Steiner's mysteries and following through where the teacher left off we do such a great disservice to what needs to be understood at this time for those that are seeking to hear what is coming from the sixth epoch that is needed for seeds today...instead we have another note circulating about an online group wanting to do battle against the Christmas conference...I mean reallly Fred, this obsessive behaviour to tear it down to claim something else is just so insidious that it threatens the foundation of the ongoing work that is needed for the future.
      It is my understanding that Ms. Vreede was of the thought that Mr. Tomberg was the Bodhisattva of the future. The gentleman  who put out that book, or, well i can't remember exactly what his role in it was but he played a role very similar to the Gordienko mess and now another letter circulating from 2005 that wants to turn into an online group debating rather debunking a 'romanticized' version of the Christmas conference by Mr. Grosse which then moves to Emmichoven.
      Frank, nobody could have stepped into that position of President and been okay. No one. I imagine the hope would have been that the membership would have been able to pull together and understand fully the mystery that had just taken place before their very eyes regarding the depth of what Ahrenson and other sensitives speak of : Rudolf Steiner's transformation from out of the past into the future. Sergei speaks so well of this in May Human Beings Hear It and also in that first purple book on Rudolf Steiner and...I forget the name....oh 'the founding of the new mysteries',  but that's one of his first books if not the first book....it is incredibly well translated in that there is feeling which is something you don't really get from other translated books by him.
      I know we may disagree on Ms. von Halle but I have to say this paper from 2005 is a continuance in a way of the attack on Sergei and when one senses into what he is able to speak to out of devotion and experience one realizes that a very strong Catholic/Jesuit stream is at work on this attack. This is not saying anything about the Constitution question rather something about the ongoing attacks that take away from the depth of the Christmas Conference.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Ms. Vreede. You know what's interesting, given what is supposedly stated in her private paper in the vault, I find it surprising that she would have taken the stand she did with Mr. Tomberg....I am just surprised. The only thing I can think of is that Rudolf Steiner said she had incarnated before her proper time ....I used to think that was to help Anthroposophy and I imagine it was and yet there is this strange connection between she and Tomberg..... strange to me because I can place him during an arabic incarnation with Loyola. So what the heck is going on with him and Ms. Vreede is what I want to know....whew,
      Thanks again, d
      I can readily understand Steiner as the Bodhisatva

      "Hence only by means of love can we give real help for karma to work out in the right way." Rudolf Steiner

      --- On Fri, 2/12/10, fs13997 <fs13997@...> wrote:

      From: fs13997 <fs13997@...>
      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Steffen and Vreede - was: Elementals and Magic - Solar Magic
      To: anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, February 12, 2010, 5:04 PM

      Vreede argued that when she attended the esoteric school, at least in one occurence (I don't have the text of those lecturein front of me, now)  Steiner anounced that it would be the Bodhisattva who was going to speak through him. In other occasions other Teachers were speaking. Vreede's weak argument implied that because the Bodhisattva expressed himself through Steiner, it could not be that Steiner was the bearer of the Bodhisattva.
      The italian anthroposophist you are alluding was the president of the Novalis group in Rome upon Steiner's request. He, in fact, once experienced, perceived that Steiner was the bearer of the Bodhisattva.
      Later, Arenson, on April 28, 1930, in his lecture 'Rudolf Steiner und der Bodhisattva des zwanzigsten Jahrunderts,' reported the analysis through which he reached his conclusion.

      (1) the Bodhisattva connects with a human being at the age of about thirty (30-33); (2) a complete transformation occurs; and (3) when his connection reaches the etheric body he can openly begin his mission and can be recognized.

      (I) Steiner said that the mission of the Bodhisattva of the XX century is to announce the etheric Christ. (II) Steiner completed such task.

      Arenson stresses the fact that in the X lecture of Matthew's Gospel, Steiner recapitulates what he had exposed by saying "we exposed, we characterized" several times, which is quite ordinary for a lecturer.
      So, Steiner said: "We must let ourselves be inspired by the Bodhisattva . . . ."
      "The Bodhisattva of our time inspires to us these thoughts . . . ."
      ""We should try to speak according to the inspiration of the Bodhisattva . . . ."
      "We are exposing this in the form that we have learned through the inspiration of the Bodhisattva himself. . . ."

      If we change "we" with "I," we have the solution.

      Also, in Lipzig, on November 5, 1911, Steiner said: "Jeshu ben Pandira, who has been incarnated once every 100 years, is again reincarnated today and will be the true announcer of the Christ in the etheric  . . ."

      Who was the first and only person to announce the coming Christ in the etheric?
      Steiner wrote about the change in his life around 1890 and the end of the century in his autobiographic book.

      Further, on November 4, 1911, in Lipzig, Steiner said that "the duty of Anthroposophy is to announce the Christ in the etheric form," and on the following day, "to prepare this, Anthroposophy exists."

      [Consider that PoF was written when Steiner was around 33]

      Arenson closes his lectures by warning that it would be a tragedy to miss such recognition.

      Later, in 1980, Massimo Scaligero confirmed in writing (he already did this orally) that Steiner was the bearer of the Bodhisattva.

      Fred (was Federico but this should be easier to handle)

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      > >
      > >  
      > > Tell me about Ms. Vreede in relations to your understanding of the issue with the Bodhisattvas? You spoke briefly upon it that there was a difference between what she shared and what an italian gentleman shared....
      > That was Federico, not me (Frank).


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