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  • Mikko Nuuttila
    Jan 31, 2010
      I digress from anthroposophy as such but let me state how Drunvalo Melchizedek says in his channelings from Thoth that Lucifer's egg is turned ninety degrees from ours and there was test life on Mars like that (egg=aura). In the context of the invisibility experiment Philadelphia experiment you talk about a phase shift which talks about this turn. Nikola Tesla communicated with the Martians through radio it is said and he was involved in the Philadelphia experiment people say also, this was in the 40's. They even made a movie and in it, there is a time tunnel into the 80's which they later attempted to close. Later the experiments were moved to Montauk to which Aleister Crowley has a connection also through time as evidenced by some EMI record company photos in which he is in another time. This is how the legends around the theme go these days anyways and it is good for every spiritually inclined person to be in the know as well. Steiner's eurythmy move for Lucifer is turning around in loops and dancing in a circle at the same time which would represent the phase shift as well. In addition Lucifer has two eyes and a synthetic flower of life consisting of two main flower of life diagrams and the two compartments are like TWINS (Gemini) or always something about your double in Mars-Roman mysteries. Romans depicted Mars also as a horseless wagon, you have to add the rest yourself to make Mars complete on Earth. "I've met Martians, so I know what I am talking about". And yes I was in the mental hospital too.  The twins are look like the two hemispheres of the brain as the flower of life mystery. The original flower of life in Egypt and in over 100 other countries looks like a flower or the morula (divided egg-cell inside mother). The eight main "balls" occur as I ching diagrams and the Chinese dragon mysteries talk about rotating eight colored balls around your body in order to charge your organs with Chi. In addition Drunvalo started measuring them on a computer (with quantum mechanics) but something made him give up that work. He did find them, though. Lucifer does have a mother mystery in the form of those twins. You can view the flower of life on the net but I'm not sure if there is a picture of the Martian synthetic flower of life anywhere on the net.

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      I have here a couple of drawings around the topic, especially the snake and the tree.
      Besides calling Lucifer the creator of man is not right, as we forget the mother.

      Kundalini Serpents

      Ars Magna Lucis

      Crux Decussata



      holy grail

      Coagula Solve



      Saint George

      Ramon Llull – Tree of life and knowledge » Ramon Llull – Tree of life and knowledge

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      Ramon Llull - Tree of life and knowledge

      Brahman Tree of Life

      Third Hierarchy


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      > Oooh
      > oooh, I don't want to make statements like I did below....I want to just pose these considerations as it was kind of interesting to see the snake move within the penis form on the Tree.....and then consider the heel which somehow i keep writing hell . and then how they chase each other...I guess it could also be seen that it was under Christ the snake would be crushed but I don't think that's what we're talking about really....d
      > "Hence only by means of love can we give real help for karma to work out in the right way." Rudolf Steiner
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      > Yes, I realize a part of the Tree, and for us, us humans, we are born out of his original desire. d

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