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  • Mikko Nuuttila
    Jan 1, 2010
      Luciferic movement in Eurythmy is turning around and around so you make a loop and making many of these loops as you walk around in a circle (as far as my memory serves me).

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      Kim, Good New Year to you! Yes, it can be a new view can it not. I have never held the view other Steiner students have regarding these two beings although I understand that view as Rudolf Steiner has said so much regarding these beings and its important to understand all of their doings and their beingness if we can so when we encounter it we understand what can be going on. Above all though there is a lawfullness in their work in this world on either side of what can be seen as helpfull and what can be seen as a hindrance.
      Below is the lecture I read last night that really woke me up to my own life journey and also the why of the last few years. And it is a healing, such a healing to know I have been seeking the karma, not only mine but also the world karma, so that I can serve Christ the best way I can. I can only hope that and work towards greater depth of being in all that is in the here and now which will speak not only to the past but also to the future. The future does indeed stream in when we meet our karma rightfully.
      All good things,


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