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422Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Body of Christ

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Dec 1, 2003
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      At 11:35 26.11.2003, Rick wrote:

      >Reincarnation used to take centuries before one returned to an earthly
      >life. Steiner had mentioned that in these times the influence of Ahriman
      >has a way of rushing the human soul/spirit back to earth for another
      >earthly incarnation.

      Are you saying that a shorter time than 'centuries' - i.e. the equivalent
      of time elapsed between birth and death - is the time now spent in the
      spiritual world by normal people like you and me? To me, that seems highly
      unlikely, although popular New Age literature has been presenting
      reincanation as if it's a matter of jumping in and out of bodies. And the
      curious thing is that some people who have undergone past life regression
      actually remember jumping in and out of bodies like that.

      It's true that Ahriman seeks to reduce the amount of time spent between
      death and rebirth, because he wants people to remember as little as
      possible, preferably nothing, of the spiritual world. And he does succeed
      with those who are heavily influenced by him. Take into consideration a
      full mature life reaching an age between 70 and 90, and the subsequent
      journey through kamaloka (purgatory), the Zodiac, the planetary spheres and
      the hierarchies and so on, plus the search for the most suitable parents
      etc. To the best of my recollection, Helena Blavatsky is talking about 600
      years here, and I believe RS is corroborating a minimum of 300 years, at
      least in the case of people reaching old age. Initiates and avatars may be
      exceptions here, especially when they are needed on the physical plane for
      specific tasks, but in the case of normal people, it is a hindrance to be
      cut short on the spiritual journey between incarnations like that.

      It's possible, of course, that the number of people whose existence on the
      other side is cut off by Ahriman is on the rise as Ahriman's incarnation is
      approaching and his influence increasing. But most of those affected by
      this, I believe, are our notorious troublemakers: War criminals and similar
      amoral individuals, carriers of the Sorath stream, cold-blooded
      bureaucrats, the makers of weapons of mass destruction in the Pentagon and
      elsewhere, child exploiters. RS once said that criminals sleep so well
      because they have no conscience, and I seem to recall that this has
      something to do with being unconscious between death and rebirth,
      remembering nothing of it, and coming back at record speed.

      So all I can say that if there are many people spending less than centuries
      between incarnations today, I certainly hope I'm not among them. I want my
      half millennium this time too, hopefully skipping Ahriman's incarnation.
      (I'll help clean up after he's been here.)


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