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41755Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Steiner and Zarathustra

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  • Mikko Nuuttila
    Sep 7, 2009
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      Hello, I'm new here and trying to make sense of all this Dottie says. However, I would like to point out that the Finnish kabbalist Seppo Heinola in his book about the bible and reincarnation which was elected the esoteric book of the year in Finland, expresses his view that the Book of Job contains a description of reincarnation. Just something to consider, not to interfere with Dottie's reasonings here. You see, the Book of Job tells about getting a brand new body after all the difficulties...

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      See, how I came to this was that I was checking out the lineage of Jesus because I was checking out something in Job. Now in Mathew the lineage starts with Abraham, who it is said is an incarnation, or possible depending on what you consider, and I thought that interesting as I hadn't noted that before.
      Now, in the Luke gospel we can easily see how it is said there is a 'new Adam' I hadn't understood that before although I had heard it...I could follow it now in the Bible, in the written Word. I think it can be shown to my Christian friends now how it is that there are two Jesus' through the lineage and how one portion was held back, its right there in front of us. I've always said that it shouldn't be something that Steiner students are afraid to talk of before others and now I can see how I can show my family...they' re always my first stop towards my Christian friends to see if it makes sense to them and usually it does even if its a stretch they can sense it in a way....
      So I don't know of any other that received a double portion other than Elijah and now we hear of that with Job although I haven't reached that element yet in reading the Book of Job. And that got me to wondering/thinking how it is that Elijah becomes the oversoul of the twelve and then incorporates with Lazarus as shared by Rudolf Steiner. What about Job? Where is Job in all of this? Who does he incorporate with? I think he must be there. The editors consider this 'double' portion of Job has to do with years but its a mystery on the level of Elijah and Elisha I think. (I used to consider it a possibility, but no longer, that Elisha was a female when I first began because I was finding so many hidden things regarding the feminine that I started wondering what else was hidden regarding the feminine historical figures in the Bible.)
      And then I was wondering about the Principles of Spiritual Economy.  Elijah says to Elisha he will be gifted with a 'double portion' if he sees him go up in the Chariot, which he does. Then we hear of all kinds of healing that Elijah does after that occurrance. But do we know how this 'double portion' works: is it from above as it is said of John the Baptist with the twelve or 'in' as what seems to be being said with Lazarus John?
      And then what about Zarathustra: how is it said 'he leaves Jesus and enters into his mother, the stepmother of Jesus'? Who we have to understand also now has a double portion as well....well, then what about the MarySophia entering in as well.....
      Yes, this I would like to know.
      All good things,

      "If there is something more powerful than destiny, this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken." Rudolf Steiner

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