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  • dottie zold
    Sep 6, 2009
      Oh boy! in the lineage of the Mathew Jesus, the Solomon Jesus, we find the prostitutes...I never really paid much attention to where these gals were but now I know...but interestingly enough, if we follow the consideration that in Job we also find Zarathustra we can consider the 'twin sons' of Thamar (Tamar). d
      Son of Tamar
      According to the Book of Genesis, Zerah was the son of Tamar and of Judah, and was the twin of Pharez.[13] The text argues that he was called Zerah because he had stuck his hand out before being born, and the midwife had tied a scarlet thread;[14] although all other biblical uses of the word zerah translate as sunrise, here the name is implied to derive from the colour of the thread - scarlet - which is similar to the initial colour of sunrise.
      According to biblical scholars, the birth narrative here is an eponymous aetiological myth concerning the ethnological relationship between parts of the tribe of Judah.[8][15] The narrative would be more appropriate for describing the birth of Shuni (שוני), one of the sons that the Bible later attributes to Gad,[16] since the word used for scarlet is shani (שני); in addition, the bible also identifies Zerah as the name of the founder of one of the Simeonite clans.[17]

      "If there is something more powerful than destiny, this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken." Rudolf Steiner

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