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41499Dornach - was: Judith von Halle in Dornach

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Jul 10, 2009
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "ottmar12" <ottmar12@...> wrote:
      > I happened to see Judith von Halle in Dornach, in the great hall of the Goetheanum.... (snip)

      I was also in Dornach, for one day. There were eurythmy performances by graduating groups from Israel, Finland, South Africa and the U.S. Considering that they were beginners, I thought the were very good. Except for the U.S. they were small in number, as little as 3. It was originally scheduled for the Great Hall, but for some reason took place in the Grundstein (little) hall- a mistake, because the place was packed. The U.S. group of about 20 was spectacular. The other groups did a lot of Beethoven, Brahms, although the Israels included some Hebrew recitation. I whispered to my wife before the U.S. group began (the finale): I hope it's not Beethoven nd Brahms. Guess what it was. Beethoven, Dvorak, an English poet. Jeez, I thought, doesn't the U.S. have musicians and poets? Even the director, who intruduced them, was a Brit, and a German broad explained everything in German. We've often heard the complaint that anthroposophy is eurocentric, which I have rebutted, but in this case it was. Whitman, Gershwin, Copeland, fe, would be perfect for eurythmy.
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