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41494Re: Anthroposophy and Psychognosis

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Jul 9, 2009
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "write3chairs" <write3chairs@...> wrote:
      > > F: Steiner didn't invent the word, it had already
      > > been used by someone else, forget who.
      > Frank, do you know when and in what context Steiner first
      > used the word? I also thought (assumed) he came up with it.

      The Anthroposophical Society was formed in Germany in 1912 as the result of a conflict with the leadership of the Theosophical Society. Steiner was the General Secretary (boss) of the German Section of that society. When he was called a Jesuit by the Theosophists and (in effect) kicked out, he founded the AS, which was originally made up of members of the German Section. The word "anthroposophy" (in German) was first used by a philospher called Zimmermann in the 19th century and possibly by Troxler even before that, but the word has become associated exclusively with Steiner. I don't know if he used it before 1912, but that is doubtful.

      > Nice to see you again! I was in Germany visiting my brother
      > in May. How did you like Berlin? Would have loved to spend
      > some time there but couldn't fit it into the 10-day window.
      > Love,
      > Jenny

      Berlin is a fascinating city, although during the week I was there, very cold for June. Very cosmopolitan, a mix of modern tech and tradition. I was also in Munich, Salsburg and, you guessed it, Dornach. Good to be back on my mountain to rest.
      Love to you too, Frank
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