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41478Anthroposophy and Psychognosis

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  • dick.richardson@ymail.com
    Jul 2 4:11 AM
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      Anthroposophy and Psychognosis


      I don't know when for I have not even read him, but it is claimed that Steiner coined the term Anthroposophy, and which plainly means Anthrop = Man, or Human; and Sophia = Wisdom.  This would stand in contrast to Scientific Wisdom and the so called `wisdom' of Priestcraft and their religions.  Maybe a wee bit similar to the original (not latter day) gnostics of antiquity, with a mystical knowledge based upon direct experience – not books, science or religious beliefs. And it IS SO and there to be found.


      Back in the nineteen sixties I was looking for a word which could not be mistaken or contain a bias at the time due to cultural nurture, indoctrination, education and brain washing. So I came up with the word Psychognosis. I thought I was the first to invent it, but later when computers came on the scene I think some American guy had already used it way back. However, I did not know that until years later and after writing books it was too late to change it.


      But my meaning of Psychognosis is; Psyche = Self, and Gnosis = a mystical transcendent knowledge (wisdom) gained by integrating with that part of our SELF. No gods or demons and pixies or fairies or hob goblins or beliefs involved, just REALITY as is and consciousness. No science (albeit that I am a great fan of science and always was, but it cannot find consciousness).


      So, I was wondering if or what correlations exists twix what Steiner said and what I have said. I guess I will soon find out.


      Dick Richardson

      Exmoor, UK.



      as also found on




      much to my amazement.




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