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41477Open Hearted Beholding

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  • b7gilberti@yahoo.com
    Jun 27, 2009
      Open Hearted Beholding

      Look at the feeling of being you, without the mediation of understanding, without the need to resolve any paradox, and without the requirement that this looking lead to any conclusion. The vichara consists of nothing other than this looking at yourself directly, briefly, and repeatedly.

      Simply make every effort just to look at the you-ness of you and persist in that effort as long as you can. In this work, understanding, belief and duration are irrelevant. The briefest look, repeated over time, does all the work.

      I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you will just look at the ever present, unmistakable reality of your actual nature from time to time, whenever it occurs to you to do so, all will come out right in the end, and the interest you may now have in matters such as eternity, timelessness, awakening, realization, enlightenment, ignorance and the like will fade like a light fog in the morning sun.

      - John Sherman