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41442Those Fractal Zooms (enhanced upgrade 4.0)

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  • b7gilberti@yahoo.com
    Jun 5, 2009
    About those delightful Best Fractal Zooms  They involve trillions of iterations of an extremely simple formula ---[  z=z^2+c  ]--- in the complex plane.  The complex plane boggles the mind, because the x-coordinate are real numbers, and the y-coordinate are "imaginary numbers," or numbers based on the square root of minus one, and there is no such thing as the square root of minus one which is why they are called "imaginary numbers."

    No point in trying to imagine that because it's almost incomprehensible.  But there before our very eyes are those fractal zooms in all their infinite complexity, detail and strange beauty, thumbing their noses at our inability to comprehend.  Go to full screen, turn up your speakers, kick back and enjoy. Just one or all nine, whatever feels best.  Afterward you'll feel like all your neurons have been refreshed and re-vitalized (at least I always do).  Each zoom is different because of zooming into different parts of the same identical Fractal (the famous "Mandelbrot Set" fractal).  No zoom is more than 5 minutes, but the strangely beautiful detail would keep uniquely unfolding forever, even if the zoom continued for all eternity -- so you're beholding a tiny slice of "real infinity," as Arthur Clarke puts it. 

    To see them, click on Fractal Zooms

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