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41376Re: Nightie Nightie Nottie (was: Meat-eating in the light of anthroposophy)

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  • holderlin66
    May 11, 2009
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      But you win the "Rudolf"
      (anthropop Oscar) for the worst poem written in the 5th post-Atlantis

      Bradford comments;

      I accept that honor. I found that while Tarjei sent a juvenile missive,
      I thought, well I would respond in kind. I made as little effort as my
      poet pen pal Tarjei and I just wasn't in the mood to be as funny and
      full of sarcasm as I should have been. I apparently wasn't on my game,
      so I accept this award along with my other trophies for all my other
      pitiful performances and hope that there are still sloppy, crappy poets
      out there who can scale and overcome my sterling achievements. I look
      forward to the contests.
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