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  • Kim
    May 1, 2009
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      Dear Dottie,

      I had a little problem with this one, I had no idea of how to continue the thought. I had/have a discussion in a Rosicrucian group around Trinity versus Duality, where the Duality is the manifestation of the One in his Creation, Adam Kadmon in Adam & Eva. And, of cause, the usual thought about why Steiner didn't tell much about Eva.

      We are in the start of the development of Man, Eva and Adam represents the extreme feminine and extreme masculine, with nothing in common. The development on Earth is to find the equilibrium, Love, to unify the extremes. This equilibrium is represented through Adam 2, Christ Jesus.

      If we see this as the Earthly triangle we have:

      Lucifer and Ahriman are the goodly powers which in heaven are good, but on Earth are kind of evil, if they are not in equilibrium. The Son of Man is our development, and if the ones like Lazarus/John and Magdalene hadn't been, Christ could not have incarnated.

      We have the Heavenly triangle:

      And together we get:

      Why are they evil on Earth and not in Heaven? What is giving us problems on Earth? What did Michael throw down to Earth? If we concentrate on Sophia, which are the positive female aspect in heaven, the Mother, she is bound by the Ahrimanian spirits, as she had them with her from the Old Moon and they were part of her. They are also part of us and when we succeeds in our fight against Ahriman, that is developing our Consciousness soul, the Ahrimanian spirits, she is freed. This is the fight against Dualism for Love.

      Sophia is bound in our Earth, as the Ahrimanian spirits in their lowest form is binding the physical molecules together, they are the atomic forces giving form to the universe, and the biggest concentration here are in the center.


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold <dottie_z@...> wrote:
      > Dear Kim, we shall begin anew if we shall.
      > Here is a wonderful image of the Christ at the center of the Earth freeing Sophia by Rembrandt.
      > If we are going to look for Sophia and we are going to understand why we look for Sophia, it seems to me that we must up the ante. So for starters I offer this picture towards the goal of understand what sits at the center of the Earth that must reunite with the Sun.
      > In all of this work we must include, or so it seems to me, we must hold this understanding that the Earth is transforming into a Star. What seems to happen though is that this gets lost in translation as an actual activity and what we human beings, and our karma, have to do with the element which lies within our own bodies: our human heart that is moving upward to create the etheric heart, wherein we meet this Christ and wherein we too, as the earth, as beings of the Earth period, will transform this heart into an actual sun. In order to do so it seems we must along this way develop the capacity to ray out Light. And herein lies the imaginative Word. Shall you join me?
      > Love, Dottie
      > "If there is something more powerful than destiny, this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken." Rudolf Steiner
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