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  • dottie zold
    Apr 12, 2009
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      Left hand, right brain....that is the sensation right now...so, I have wonder if we consider the wounds of Christ Jesus how they meet up....it is something about that, something how the wounds meet up.....d

      "If there is something more powerful than destiny, this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken." Rudolf Steiner

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      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Easter thoughts -- and beyond
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      Date: Sunday, April 12, 2009, 2:11 PM

      Dottie: So, Kim, tell me, what does the left hand, one where the Christ Jesus had a nail go through, signify? If one was to feel that in their left hand only what would it signify?

      I am still not sure, but I think the following might give a lead. Left hand is connected with the Father or Lucifer, and it's the place where the Water Ether goes over in the Fire Ether. The drawing shows the left hand as Jupiter.

      We're always surrounded by five ether streams in the world around us on earth. They're called earth, water, fire, air and thought ethers. These etheric streams are also active in man: earth either from the head to the right foot, from there water ether to the left hand, from there fire ether to the right hand, from there air ether to the left foot, and then thought ether back to the head. This is the occultist's sacred pentagram, the symbol of man. Its point is directed upwards, which indicates that the spirit streams to man from the heights. The pentagram is present in many flowers and other things in nature. The sign of black magic is a pentagram with one point at the bottom, through which magicians attract bad forces from the earth and send them out of the two top horns into the environment by means of their bad will in order to use soul and nature forces for their own egotistical, evil purposes.

      The cross sections of the five etheric streams and their connections with color, taste, and body regions are as follows:

      Square with only corners distinct earth ether, square with only the corners distinct, yellow, sweet, bones and muscles;

      Crescent moon at fifth day water ether, crescent moon at fifth day, white, tart, digestion;

      Equilateral triangle fire ether, equilateral triangle, red, hot, blood;

      Circle air ether, circle, green, sour, nerves; Two intersecting spirals - one distinct thought (akasha) ether, two intersecting spirals — one is distinct, dark blue, bitter, lymph vessel system.


      Occult Signs and Symbols
      Let us consider the pentagram. You know that much abstruse thinking has been spent on it; this is not the concern of occultism. In order to understand what the occultist says about the pentagram, we must at first call to mind the seven fundamental parts of the human being, and it is, above all, the etheric body that is especially relevant in this consideration. You know that the etheric body belongs to the sphere of the occult; it is not to be seen with physical eyes. To perceive it, clairvoyant methods are necessary. Then it will become evident that the essentiality of the etheric body does not consist in its appearing as a fine nebulous formation. It is characteristic of it that it is indeed, the architect, the creator of the physical body. Just as ice forms out of water, so does the physical body fashion itself out of the etheric body, which, like the ocean, is flooded through by many currents flowing in all directions. Among them are five main currents. When you stand with feet apart and arms outstretched, you can accurately follow the direction of these five currents. They form a pentagram.
      Everybody has these five currents hidden in him. The healthy etheric body appears so that these currents are, as it were, his bony framework. You must not suppose however, that everything pertaining to the etheric body is only within, because when a person moves, for instance, the currents actually go through the air. This pentagram is as mobile as a man's physical bony framework. Thus, when the occultist speaks of the pentagram as the figure of man, it is not a matter of something that has been thought out, but rather he is speaking of it as the anatomist does of the skeleton. This figure is really present in the etheric body. It is a fact.

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