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  • dottie zold
    Apr 12, 2009
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      Crown chakra Kim, related to the Crown chakra...somehow through the...well I shall just make a mess of it but it seems to me that out of my experience, it has something to do with the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, the higher and the lower, metabolic and neurological, and then a raying up of sorts from where they meet in the middle...well, that's kinda how it feels in an imagination and also a sensation....
      So, Kim, tell me, what does the left hand, one where the Christ Jesus had a nail go through, signify? If one was to feel that in their left hand only what would it signify?

      "If there is something more powerful than destiny, this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken." Rudolf Steiner

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      I have not read what Steiner had said about the neck chakra, but I am very interested!

      I don't believe that it is the heart who has moved up to the head, it sounds too Ahrimanic for me.

      There are two possibilities, either it is the backward (Ahrimanian) part of the Brow Chakra or the Throat Chakra as seen in the following picture. I thought it was the back part of the Throat Chakra (and still do), as it has with communication to do, which the third eye also have, but of a higher visual art. The Neck chakra can control the muscles in the neck which are connected to the front head, and can induce pain at the brow if the person are acting against his own good. Of cause only if this chakra is functioning relatively good. It can be rather frustrating if you don't understand the cause or remedy in a given situation.

      Throat Chakra: 5. Chesed, 6. Gevurah,
      Third Eye: 7. Chokmah, 8. Binah,
      Crown Chakra: 9. Daat, 10. Kether


      Throat Chakra


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      > Kim have you not heard it described by Rudolf Steiner at the back of the head?
      > An experience I had last night was that the pineal and the pituitary work together in a way when it comes to working with the higher beings...there is a sensation that can be felt at the back of the head and at the top of the head at the same time...I say 'working together' as it was the first time I experienced them at the same time while contemplating their relationship. ...well actually while reading further work in Dennis K.s book. I realized an experience that happens when we study and the Being is working with us, we can experience it in those areas, almost like a 'lighting up' of sorts.
      > All good things,
      > Dottie
      > > It's description of the interplay between Astral and Etheric body it the
      > > clearest I have seen until now, here you see how Karma enters our lives.
      > >
      > > The heart is described in it's right place, in the middle, as Christ
      > > between Lucifer and Ahriman.
      > >
      > > [fig7-3]
      > > The following <http://roohit. com/f3914> puts us in relation to our sun
      > > system:
      > > Then when man passes through the gate of death, this ethereal-astral
      > > structure — wherein the heart is floating, so to speak —
      > > contains all that man takes with him into his further life of soul and
      > > spirit, when he has laid aside the physical and the etheric forms. Now,
      > > as he expands ever more widely in the spirit, he can hand over his
      > > entire karma to the cosmos, for the substance of the whole cosmos is
      > > contained within him; it is drawn together in his heart, in the etheric
      > > body of his heart.
      > > And with this from Human Questions and Cosmic Answers
      > > <http://shinyurl. com/bc3e7>
      > > Saturn InstinctsJupiter Inclinations, sympathiesMars Moral Impulses Sun
      > > Mercury Sagacity, ClevernessVenus LoveMoon Phantasy, Imagination,
      > > MemoryAnd <http://shinyurl. com/54b2c>
      > > Thus the planets near the Sun have to do more with the physicalelements
      > > in man's organism: solid, fluid aeriform. The planets distantfrom the
      > > Sun have to do more with the etheric elements in man sorganism. Between
      > > the two groups of planets is the Sun itself. Theforces of Mercury, Venus
      > > and Moon bring the human being intoconnection with the solid, fluid and
      > > aeriform elements. The forces ofMars, Jupiter and Saturn. protect him
      > > from Rowing away into theWarmth, Light and Chemical Ethers. As you see,
      > > the effects arepolaric. And the Sun stands between, preventing the two
      > > groups of planetary forces from interpenetrating.
      > >
      > > [sun]
      > > The Sun
      > > These documents give together a macro cosmic and micro cosmic view.
      > >
      > > /Kim

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