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  • dottie zold
    Apr 12, 2009
      Hi Kim, here is the article wherein it is mentioned. It references Rudolf Steiner's GA 161 May 1, 1915. I was looking for the title but it is not available on elib yet. I will see if I can get it from someone.

      by Ruth Haertl,
      Michaelmas 2000
      Translated by Monica Gold

      This essay concerning the etheric heart touches on the most profound mysteries of the human being. It touches on individual processes in human life as well as on evolutionary changes which affect all mankind. Knowledge of these changes are significant for us when we want to expand the ability for future Karma-cognition.

      To begin with I will give a brief summary of the development of the etheric heart. Rudolf Steiner described the process in great detail when he discussed the formation of the etheric heart in children.

      Before birth etheric forces are drawn together to create the individual etheric body. These ether forces harbour substances which are taken from the entire cosmos.

      A Study of
      The Formation of a New Etheric Heart Organ in the Light of the Present
      Michaelic Mystery Culture as Rudolf Steiner Required it for our Age
      in his Lectures
      “Die Sendung Michaels und Die Offenbarung der eigentlichen
      Geheimnisse des Menschenwesens”

      Figure 1 
      Figure 1
      (from: GA 212, May 26, 1922)

      In a drawing of the etheric heart Rudolf Steiner shows the periphery of the stars, the heart amid sun and moon, while further down the earthly is indicated. “It is important to know that when we descend into the earthly world we draw into ourselves a kind of image from the cosmos.” This first etheric heart configuration Rudolf Steiner regards as provisional or as inherited. It remains with the child only until he loses his teeth. At age seven it falls away. Rudolf Steiner even says: “it decays”. It is cast off just as the teeth are discarded at age seven. The wonderful cosmic configuration of the starry images fades more and more as the seventh birthday approaches. This happens at the time when the child's own etheric body is born.

      Rays of ether configurations begin to form anew and strive from the periphery to the centre. Here they accumulate around the physical heart and as they grow together, the new second etheric heart is born. It is the individualized etheric heart of the growing young person who matures from age seven to fourteen.

      It happens through a process whereby bit by bit the new etheric heart replaces whatever dies off from the inherited heart. The new heart is condensed from the entire world sphere.

      In another of Steiner's lectures we read that at puberty the astral body is restructured in a new configuration. In the same area of the body in which the second etheric heart was formed as a reflection of the stars, sun and moon, the forces of the astral body establish an additional central organ. These two organs weave in and out of each other as one central organ and in it are inscribed all deeds, all moral motivations, human intentions and ideas.

      In one of his lectures Rudolf Steiner speaks of a small box in which everything concerning our life is recorded. As students on the path of initiation we are meant gradually to become able to read and interpret our past karmic deeds, we are supposed to grow towards an understanding of all that which is inscribed into the etheric heart. It was the 27 of February, 1925 on his sixty-third birthday that Rudolf Steiner gave the following related meditation to Dr. Ita Wegman.

      “Hearts interpret Karma
      When hearts learn to read
      The Word,
      Which creates in
      Human Life;
      When hearts learn to
      Speak the Word

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