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40974What if there was a place that expressed our awe for nature?

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  • Ben Gilberti
    Apr 6, 2009

      What if there was a place that expressed our awe for nature?

      A place outside of time, an island of tranquility, a place were the elephants watch over you, where whales lullaby you to sleep.  A place where you fall in love with nature. A place of stillness where silence becomes audible.  A place where the mysteries of nature are embraced.

      A place where there is no why, and you remember things you thought you forgot. A place to be humbled and amazed, where you breathe the air of birds, where you dance on the bottom of the sea, when you look through the eyes of a cheeta.

      A place where animals are the story-tellers, and man the apprentice. A place of refuge, a place of bliss, a place of hope, a place to dream, a place to make a wish, a place that changes your heart.

      There is such a place

      And through this 17 minute video, you are now about to enter it. 

      Gregory Colbert's Ashes and Snow connects modern man with a world in which the poetic possibilities of a harmonious relationship between animals and man are expressed in the form of a cosmic dance filled with a rhythmic and visual beauty that breaks out of the mundane world and into a parallel universe where pure wonder and awe still reside.

      Monumental in every sense, it is a sublime vision that resonates with a timeless and luminous wisdom. 

      Since its debut in Venice in 2002, it has been seen by over 10 million people, making it the most attended art exhibition in history. The multimedia exhibit is shown in a nomadic museum that slowly migrates from city to city. 

      In real life it surrounds those who come to view it, but, regrettably, YouTube doesn't yet offer that feature.  Hope you enjoy it anyway.

      Here is the link:


      Much Love,