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40809Martha Stewart (was: List of famous (sic) waldorf school graduates)

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  • elfuncle
    Mar 10 11:44 AM
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      Frankly, I take off my hat for that lady, being shamefully railroaded by the feds that way and putting up with the humiliation of six monts in prison plus another six months with a chain thing on her foot, at her age, and then she bounces back and gets on with her cooking show. That gal's got grit.

      Nobody can make me believe that a billionnaire would break the law for something in that neighborhood of a lousy fifty grand. It's the infamous FBI again, out to score some cheap points by using a celeb as a trophy if you ask me.


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      > > > According to Jerry Oppenheimer, Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis
      > > > attended the Rudolf Steiner School in NY.-Val
      > >
      > > Any Devil's Advocate from the Abyss would retort that Martha Stewart
      > is
      > > a convicted felon (for lying to the feds about why she sold some
      > > stocks), so it's no wonder she sends her kids to schools run by liars,
      > > crooks, criminals, pretenders, drug pushers, murderers, cutthroats,
      > > nuts, fruitcakes, bananas, space cadets, wackos, punks, and abusive
      > > charlatans masquerading as schoolteachers.
      > >
      > > Tarjei
      > I didn't see her on the list. I considered a reading failure on my part
      > and an error on the part of Jerry Oppenheimer as possible reasons. But
      > now in light of the above I must also contemplate the possibility that
      > Alexis did attend a Steiner school but is not named on the list BECAUSE
      > her mother is a felon. -Val

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