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40736Guidelines 153 - 155

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Mar 9, 2009
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      153. During the beginning of the Consciousness Soul age, people had become accustomed to concentrate on the spatial-physical grandeur of the universe, and above all to be sensible only of this. Therefore one called the earth a "dust particle" within the physically immense universe.


      154. This "dust particle" reveals itself to clairvoyant consciousness as the seed of a newly developing macrocosm, while the old one dies out. It had to die in order that man could separate himself from it in full self-consciousness.


      155. In the cosmic present, man participates with his liberating thinking forces in what has died [the macrocosm], and with his will forces – concealed from him in their essence – in the earth's germinating, revivifying new macrocosm.