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40592Re: CIA Dummheit

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  • write3chairs
    Mar 1, 2009
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Thomas Smith" wrote:

      > The CIA ain't exactly a loving or loved institution...

      This is true, nor is the FBI particularly embraced, generally.
      But that's a different topic. It's come up with me lately in various
      ways, though. One came through an overheard snippet on the
      news about Bill Moyers saying something in the 1960's, I think
      it was '64, to the FBI, which prompted an investigation of people
      who he suspected of being gay. This was when Moyers worked
      for LBJ. Well, that simply wouldn't fly in today's world. But back
      then, the American Psychiatric Association considered homosexuality
      to be a disorder and it was listed thus in the current DSM of that
      time. (It was removed as a disorder in 1973.) So, it wasn't just
      Moyers who was concerned about "disordered" people in high
      positions. (And lord knows we have more than enough of those,
      right?) Fortunately, ideas evolve over time and yet Moyers is now
      "in the news" because of those things he said in 1964. Why now?
      Why is it coming out now? Because the news is just now being
      made public via the Freedom of Information Act, apparently.

      > especially
      > around here. They're already wondering what could be behind it, what
      > new conspiracy is brewing - unable to accept that anyone could just be
      > so dumb. Imo Obama should shred the CIA and create an entirely new
      > intelligence organization - small, smart and beautiful.
      > Frank

      Small, smart, and beautiful. Yes. A sleek new well-oiled
      intelligence machine is long overdue in America, for sure.

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