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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Feb 27, 2009
      Panetta (sp?), Obama's new head of the CIA told the press that he
      advised the President that the economic situation could (or is..I
      forget) cause instability in Latin America, especially in Argentina,
      Ecuador and Venezuela. It's caused a huge stink here, the govt calling
      it absurd, disrespectful, false, immature, intervening in eternal
      affairs, etc. etc. dressing down the ambassador. Of course the
      economic situation is causing problems here and I assume in Ecuador
      and Venezuela as well, but the latter 2 are at odds with the U.S. and
      Argentina definitely is not...until now. And everyone loves
      Obama...until now. And "instability" here means falling govts., coups,
      terrorism. So where is that guy's brain? Just saying it, in his
      position, can help it to happen.
      Just letting off steam.
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