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40147Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Steiner's Moon node returns

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  • dottie zold
    Jan 30, 2009
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      83 has to do with the cycle of 11 years and the resurrectional forces inherent.
      All good things,

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      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Steiner's Moon node returns
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      Date: Friday, January 30, 2009, 12:16 PM

      Hi Robert,
      a short note on the 38 year question. It seems that the 38 years do
      not relate to two moon nodes, but to the meton cycle. In John 5 the
      lame (or what is the correct word?) man was healed by the Christ after
      38 years, in him our 5 th post atlantean period is healed , the
      `deficency, sickness' of our period. 
      The meton cycle is 19 years or 6939 days, that is the time Sun Moon
      and Earth need to come into the same position to each other.
      In Lemuria the first deed of Christ hamonized the 12 fold zodiac 
      In early Atlantis the second deed of Christ harmonized the spheres of
      the 7 planets, the astral of man.
      In late Atlantis the third deed or sacrifice of the Christ hamonized
      the mental of men, then the meton cycle for men was activated.
      In historic times, 2000 years ago the Christ saved the I or ICH of man.
      The meton cycle is important for man's destiny today, but it is easily
      mixed up with the moon node.
      (For those who read Tomberg: he wrote on the 4 sacrifices of Christ,
      giving additional material. For decades these Tomberg texts were
      thought to be ES lessons from Rudolf Steiner, held in Stockholm. The
      ideas mentioned above do not come from Tomberg, though! I absolutely
      do not want to start a new discussion about Tomberg!)
      > And Steiner points out that he was speaking at the 
      > time of the "mirroring" of the event of 1841 by the 
      > event of 1879 through periods of 38 years, before 
      > and after. -- But he does not say why these periods 
      > are *38* years long, and not 83 or 99 or whatever.  
      > Here I wish to ask the question:  why *38* years; 
      > is there some inherent significance in interval of 
      > 38 years as a quantity in itself?
      > -- Some of you might recall a previous post of mine 
      > in which I commented on another significant 
      > interval of 38 years, discussing some work of the 
      > seminal astrosopher Willi Sucher:
      > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anthroposophy_tomorrow/message/38147>
      > "Sucher discusses . . . the healing of the man who 
      > had been sick for 38 years (*John* 5). . . . Sucher 
      > tells how he calculates this "spiritual  nativity", 
      > and he comes to 7 or 6 BC for the ["spiritual 
      > nativity of the] Luke Jesus. . . . He goes on to 
      > connect this with the 38 years (qualitatively) that 
      > elapsed until the healing of the man who had been 
      > sick for 38 years -- two Moon node cycles, 
      > qualitatively."
      > That is:  the Gospel relates an incident in which 
      > Jesus Christ healed a man who had been sick for 38 
      > years.  We may presume that every word of the 
      > Gospel is significant, and that the writer 
      > mentioned these 38 years for a reason.  And Sucher 
      > confirms this particular presumption by calculating 
      > that time 38 years before this healing as the being 
      > the time of the "spiritual nativity" of (the Luke) 
      > Jesus.  And that time was also marked 
      > (approximately) by the Great Conjunction of 7-6 BC 
      > (which was probably the celestial event which 
      > alerted the "Magi" to the birth of the Solomon 
      > Jesus).  But:  why *38* years? -- Sucher points out 
      > that 38 years is the approximate period of two Moon 
      > node cycles.
      > (The "Moon nodes" are the points where the plane of 
      > the apparent [geocentric] Moon orbit crosses the 
      > plane of the apparent Sun orbit.  These nodes 
      > circle around the Zodiac every 18.61 [Earth-Sun] 
      > years, approximately.  So, two consecutive Moon 
      > node "returns" take about 37.22 years, which can be 
      > considered to be a "qualitative quantity" of 38 
      > years, in the sense that I explained in my previous 
      > post.)
      > Sucher comments on the meaning of the Moon nodes:
      > "The Moon nodes are openers of the gates to the 
      > higher spheres of the cosmos, gateways from the 
      > Moon to the Sun sphere, or the astral world."
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