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39807Songs from the Alphabet in F Major

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  • Kathryn Vered
    Jan 11, 2009
      F  stands for going beyond the limitations of Fear.

      Today I will let go of all Fear
      I will realise that Fear comes from my Self Image
      My Self

      My Ego is an Image that I have created
      By letting go of my Ego
      I will embrace the Truth inside me
      Which is Fearless.

      Is just another word for
      Edging God Out

      Whenever my Ego overshadows my Spirit
      It creates tightness in my body
      I will witness this sensation of Fear
      By feeling it.
      And then I will take the courageous step
      To do the very thing
      I Fear

      I will not fight with my Ego.
      I will witness it.

      This is the highest form of Human Intelligence
      To observe yourself

      Today I will observe my Fear
      And my witnessing of it
      Will transform it
      Into Love.