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39653The Birth of the Sun Spirit as the Spirit of the Earth.The Thirteen Holy Nights

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  • Terence
    Dec 31, 2008
      Just received this in an email from an Anthroposophical friend. Happy New Year everyone!

           Just as the seed of the plant sinks into the depths of the earth at the time we know as Christmas, so does the soul of man descend at that time into deep, deep spirit realms, drawing strength from these depths as does the seed of the plant for its blossoming in spring.  What the soul undergoes in these spirit-depths of the earth is entirely hidden from ordinary consciousness.  But for one whose eyes of the spirit are opened the Thirteen days and Thirteen Nights between the 24th of December (Christmas Eve) and the 6th of January (The Epiphany) are a time of deep spiritual experience.


       -Rudolf Steiner  December 26th, 1911


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