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39105Father Tom - Judas Priest

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Dec 9, 2008
      Our own Uncle Tom has been pontificating again down in the Hole:
      where he writes, in part:
      "Dear Frank,

      Since You pulled the plug on your Anthroposophy-World Yahoo Group, I
      wasn't able to comment on your reasons and attend a proper funeral.
      However, with the lively discussion here between "Thrice White" (Lucas
      Dreier) and "Rocky, Keeper-of-the-Perennial-Shrubbery" (Peter S.) as
      well as wonderful "almond gallery," as it were, comments from "The
      People's Henry" (Volker Heinz) and "Guiding Star," (Guida Stella) on
      the Critics List, I realize that this is the best forum to engage you
      in discussing the mordant, melodramatic and most petulant suicide of
      your own Internet list..."

      Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how I look at it) I was
      already bounced from the Waldorf-Critics list a coupla years ago for
      ad hom. crimes - for which I plead guilty like those Gitmo terrorists.
      Or rather I was bounced into W.C. purgatory and made to stand in the
      corner for 7 days, upon which, after repentance, I might be allowed to
      return. But I am blessed with the sin of pride, don't repent and am
      still in the corner - along with my compaƱero Taz. Only if Chairman
      Dan Doogan got down on his slippery knees and begged me to return and
      admitting his own mea culpa, would I even consider doing so. Now Judas
      Tom isn't allowed to pontificate here at A_T, apparently because he
      offends certain Sensibility Souls around here. So neither W.C. nor A_T
      is the best forum for Tom and I to engage (unless the Powers of one of
      the two repent). Nevertheless, I may engage him here in a one-sided
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