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3889Re: RS about racial evolution

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  • holderlin66
    Mar 31, 2004
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      Peter Staudenmaier's utter foolishness!

      "There is no such thing as going forward or backward in evolution.
      When the notion of moving forward in evolution is directly tied to
      race, this idea becomes racist. No race is more evolutionarily
      advanced than any other race. To hold otherwise is to endorse a very
      obvious variety of racism."

      Peter you are an idiot! Forward, retardation, going backward, Oh
      what an unlearned child you are. Because Evolving is seemingly
      forward it makes a nice term doesn't it? The condition of
      retardation doesn't merely come from races... or races at all.
      Retardation comes from Retarding beings. You are such a retard. And
      with every shrunken headed concept you prove how you serve the very
      retarded thinking that has set back entire cultures with utter

      Retarding beings keep idiots like you in service presenting retarded
      concepts and these then infect, and inflame the various retarded
      ideologies that you dally with. Racism is retarded when it comes out
      of your mouth. Antisemeitism is just common intellectual fodder,
      divorced from Archangels or any thing to do with concepts and ideals
      beyond your immature and narrow scope. You Serve Retarded thinking
      and therefore evolution does go backward you dim with. Racism for
      you is leveling and dismissing qualites inhereent in different
      language based cultures, but the individual I Am who goes forward to
      brotherhood and idealism transcends all this bullshit you wallow in.

      Upwards in the thinking world, where idealism lives, brotherhood
      prevails. Descending into the constipation of your body which you
      call thinking, narrows down to your own small intestinal tract and
      amounts to digestive will thinking. Thank you, Hitler felt the same
      way as you. How, how ever did such creatures as yourself ever
      imagine that you could equally participate with thinking individuals
      who have attained actual ideals?

      Obviously someone who makes such idiot blanket statements that have
      no grounding, no reality and no substance has no idea about how true
      brotherhood is won. It is not won by not understanding the virtues
      of various cultures, Italian, French, German, Native American,
      Jewish..Chinese... it means that one studies the general and
      specific, but certainly, far above your examination of second hand
      reality, is the fact of how the distrubution of various qualites
      were meted out by the Divine. A divine that has to pass the test of
      your egotism and stupidity before it can be taken up. Meanwhile, you
      serve active retardation of human ideals. In other words, evolution
      does goe backward just beccause of your thinking.

      Another reason for calling you an idiot is that there is no Divine
      in you examination of reality. It is all a fatal show, a play, a
      ploy and you have failed to touch the depth of the science of how
      the etheric body, releases the life tableau, and NDE experiences
      reveal enormous dimensions of the godhead that your egotism will not
      allow. Now Nietzsche could call Christ an idiot and one saw who was
      doing the speaking for Nietzsche. I call you an idiot because you
      don't know who is doing the speaking for your own pathetic,
      immature, unexplored and failed ideas.

      To even have an idea, might mean you have to think... but
      retardation of ideas, retardation of humanity, retardation of
      brotherhood is professed with shere egotism, blindness and cold
      cunning. It destroys your whole Ecological and Green as well as
      social marxist idealism, because these ideas are not rooted in any
      reality what so ever. They have never been researched with the depth
      of Consciousness that grasps the whole framework of evolution and
      divinity as the unfolding magnificence of the I Am in humanity.

      The fact that you cannot detect the difference between true idealism
      and dialectical materialism allows anybody with half a heart to
      scorn and reject your illogical platforms as both immature and
      lacking in understanding the sweep of I AM history all the way back
      to Saturn evolution. You are an unlearned, unresearched, one track
      intellectual without a compass for truth.

      You are a pygmie and everyone who thinks as you do, prove themselves
      to be pygmies and slaves of Ahriman's intellectual college of idiots.
      You haven't had an original thought ever. You ride on a stream of
      idiots just like yourself and you are jealous and envious that Dr.
      Steiner did his homework and so ourshines any of you egotistical
      worms that you think you can come to the dead carcass of sprirtual
      science and, like some dumb ass buzzard peck at his flesh.

      WRONG! The level of insight on this list alone, reveals the
      shrivelled, dried husks of thought you devour as food. Steiner is
      not buzzard food for the likes of you. The gods themselves feast on
      the communion that Steiner shared with humanity. You, however,
      failed to get an invitation to the party.
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