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37735Tom!!! Judith von Halle alert!

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  • Robert Mason
    Sep 2, 2008
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      To Tom, wherever you are:

      We know that you are obsessed with Judith
      von Halle, so . . . FYI:

      Our friend Willy Lochmann has just put up
      a page that seems to be skeptical of Frl.
      (or Frau?) von Halle. I don't understand
      much of it, but his criticism seems to be
      concerned mainly with an apparent regression
      to the Old Testament religion. And he does
      chide Anthros in general for their (not our!)

      "Bei keiner esoterischen Gruppierung ausser den Anthroposophen findet man so viele und zudem gut- und leichtgläubige Menschen, die scheinbar „über den Tisch“ gezogen werden wollen."

      Given your burning interest in this question,
      perhaps you could find the time to translate
      this page for us, that we might be protected
      from our . . . uh, their gullibility?


      Your skeptical inquirer,

      Robert Mason
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