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  • write3chairs
    Aug 10, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold wrote:

      > Miraculously we have overcome. I was not allowed in the meeting but
      when I heard there were cameras and lawyers and recorders and my
      girls were intimidated I walked over there and walked through the
      room telling the man to keep the cameras rolling as I wanted people
      to see the intimidation that was occurring here while they were
      trying to take this group by stealth. I then walked out and had a
      great sense of peace.
      > The girls overcame all their tries of getting one another off the
      board. The lawyers were so confidant that they would win that they
      actually had the replacement names on the next few pages of decisions
      and votes to be made. For shame.
      > There may be more but an amazing case has now been made and
      documented regarding intimidation and harrassment. My child who hid
      herself in the upstairs projector room unbeknownst to me began
      texting me about the comings and goings. It was pretty surreal. My
      mom called and I just could not speak to her for a couple weeks. I
      was concerned to let my father know as he would be so concerned and I
      did not want to bring that to him. But today she called and she was
      so positive as if she knew the outcome already, as if she made some
      agreement with God and she knew it was going to come forth. I felt
      strengthened by that. And then my niece started texting me and in the
      end I said 'just send all your best thoughts to this girls fighting
      the good fight.' And she said 'we just formed a prayer circle'. I
      mean this child is like 12 years old, incredible.
      > There's probably  more to come. But the worst is over and this
      retaliation can be seen for what it is. I am thankful for this. It
      could have all been handled very differently though and the karmic
      gifts were amazing for lasting through it in good will. I mean I just
      can't begin to say the amazing thoughts that occur to one who is
      standing in the Garden of Transformation and willing to say 'not my
      will but Thy will, but if you pass this cup from me'.  Meeting our
      karma honorably and not looking  to 'save ourselves' or any harm or
      will to the other, pure openess about what may come.
      > I send my best thoughts to those that stood with us as we moved
      through this with ease and grace. My ladies are so amazing and never
      ever lost their graciousness in all of this, so much so that they
      were offering Reiki healing to those who stood opposed in an effort
      towards healing even though we were all in hell due to the
      implications for my person.
      > All good things and much love,
      > Dottie

      Dearest Dottie, I for one would love to hear this whole story if you
      are inclined to tell it.

      All good things and much love to you!


      > --- On Wed, 8/6/08, Frank Thomas Smith wrote:

      > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey Friends,
      > >
      > > We are under assault here at the Woman's Club by a two ladies
      > to impose their will against the majority. Usually bullies win but I
      > am hoping a disaster can be averted. All my ladies are so loving
      > and considerate that they are holding these two in their highest
      > thoughts, meanwhile we are being threatened and intimidated non
      > Tomorrow is the showdown and all I can say is if you have any light
      > offer that you throw it our way for the highest good of what is to
      > to the Woman's Club. The meeting will take place at 10:30 am cali
      > ______
      > Ask yourself what would you do as the moderator of an anthropop
      > Frank
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