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37709George Washington and other things

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  • dottie zold
    Aug 5 9:36 PM
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      Hey Friends,
      We are under assault here at the Woman's Club by a two ladies trying to impose their will against the majority. Usually bullies win but I am hoping a disaster can be averted. All my ladies are so loving kind and considerate that they are holding these two in their highest thoughts, meanwhile we are being threatened and intimidated non stop. Tomorrow is the showdown and all I can say is if you have any light to offer that you throw it our way for the highest good of what is to be, to the Woman's Club. The meeting will take place at 10:30 am cali time.
      So, George Washington could not tell a lie is actually the way of saying he was working with the higher worlds. Once you work with the higher worlds it is because you are on your way to being trusted to hold all things in balance  no matter what. So when people say 'there was no cherry tree' they are right! it was only to show to those that are attaining a certain ability to try and begin coworking consciously with the Beings that this is part of the path: no lying, no trying to alter anything from your own will. And you must catch the thinking that continues to try and do that. This is where Rudolf Steiner's work helps us towards this end.
      It seems to me that when we begin to walk the body we walk it from the place known to the kabbalists as Dath, its from there that we begin to control the body. We usually control it from the Solar Plexus but thats when it is from the lower will I think or so it seems to me, those that are more will based.
      I was thinking that the picture we have of Adam and Eve stuck together at the spine, both facing the opposite way, is actually a picture of the spirit and man. We are united at the spine. And so we have to step away from the spine I think and then we are on our way to walking the body or that happens as we begin to wake up our Will. I always wondered what that picture's meaning was. Wel, at least that's what I have come to through my pondering and experience.
      So many things about Peter, and about the Garden and Transfiguration etc. So many things I want to share if I can get out of hell alive.
      All good things and thanks,

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