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  • Albert Sándor
    Aug 1, 2008
      What is sin ? Sin is to err. Noone wants to err, deliberatly. This is just unconcieveable.
      But both ignorance and quilt is lifted by the light of understanding.
      On escaping ... one way of the lower I is to make a new personality by remarrying, relocating, leaveing your antourage, or even leaving the physical body, following a promise instead of the existing hell. Yet hell is the real thing, and the promise is false.
      Hell needs to be transformed. Desire has to be tamed. New more elevated desires can be evolved. This is hard work, under pressure. It's natural we awant to flee. The scariest thing is realizing that really there is no place we can go, and in this I admit, Eli Wamberg is right ... we need to know from personal experience what is wrong.
      I did wrong, and harmed a person, knowing it is wrong. I said: the promise of heaven is so tempting, I must follow it, I must know it. It is my chance, now. I will pay my debt, later. Did that choice worth taken ? Yes, because the promise of heaven has been granted, and I was enjoying it until I messed it up again, to the level., that it became hell again. Than I heard a new promise ... but this time I knew exactly what it worths. I knew that it worths only what I can make it worth. Now, I said, forget about the promise, transform your hell into heaven. I am paying my debt, now. I can't afford any more debts.
      So I put my will where my reason says so, I scranch my teeths, I bear the pain, and after a few attempts, it is not that bad, anymore. I even have grown to love my hell, as it does not let me forget who I am, what I did, what I am supposed to do. It keeps me alert, aware, and cautious.
      Following the thoughts of Steiner is a great relief. They also help keeping the right perspective, the righ attitude. It is a no brainer: it's about choosing my master/teacher: the hell I'm in or learnig, applying antrophosophy, selflessness, love.
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      From: Kim
      Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 12:27 AM
      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Building our hut

      Hi Dottie, and Friends

      Your inspired 'And the words fall away' made me write the following:

      A danish Rosicrucian teacher, Eli Wamberg (for scandinavian readers), said: "You are born on this Earth to sin, so sin." What he meant is that "To live is to sin, so if you don't sin, you don't live and you don't learn."

      Another one liner: "It's no sin to fall, but its a sin not to rise from the mud again."

      Another danish Rosicrucian, Heinrich Hansen, phrased the following rule: "All development happens through correcting errors." (My translation, i would appreciate a better phrasing.)

      After many, many lives on this planet of ours, it happens that man has tried every sin imaginable, so much that he gets tired of sinning, and of living. He has tried everything, there are no ambitions left.There is no energy left and no wishes anymore. He is in hell on earth.

      The psychological description would be something like a stress depression, asolutely burned out, not an iota of adrenalin back.

      The afore mentioned RC teacher, Eli, closed the organization after him, as the world no longer needed living teachers anymore, man was ripe for a new 'natural' form of initiation. The one developed by CR and co, and described by RS from various views.

      This is happening today, now! It is what the Rosicrucian teachers has prepared in centuries. Steiner said that it was the people of the Platonic stream (Chartres) which is incarnating (Goethe, Heine, and others from that period), helped by those from the Aristotelian stream (including the old Anthros). See Aristotelian and Platonic Streams.

      Its reasonable to think that many of you, who are participating here, are part of this.

      As a Rosicrucian student you don't have a master, you have a teacher, a brother, whether he is incarnated or discarnated (except, there is no incarnated teachers any more, only guru's and thats another matter:).

      The teacher can guiode you, and in the preparation for the initiation, put you under dire stress, which can be felt like hell, but in the end you are the responsible for your actions, not any master.

      The teachers you 'meet' are members of one of the two streams, and persons you already know, possibly from this life, but certainly from many of your former lifes. It could be a person from this life, which you had dear, or key persons you didn't  have a near connection to in this life, but you had respect for and/or who had changed the direction of your life.

      The real hell comes when the Lower I is trying to hold on to the old ways, even through it knows there is no future there. It tries every way to escape, and it may be felt a little zombie like. One of the popular ways to escape is to make a personality on the web.

      Steiner mentions two major traps, the Luciferic: To love and be proud of your own thinking, and the Ahrimanic: To write about it, and for that, the internet is perfectly suited. (Personally I see the internet as a beutifully way top exhange ideas and to search knowledge, but from a certain point in your development it can be a great danger.)

      This here takes my mind from doing what it should do, so I continues a little more. What was it, I should do, then? I should stop thriving on my own thoughts, and use the conciousness soul instead (Ways to Christ). You do that by just sitting alone with yourselves and your own thoughts, preferably thinking about spiritual science, as described by RS in connection with the new Michael. No fun like writing, talking, reading, saying mantras or looking at TV or out of the window, just thinking, for hours, days, or even weeks, depending on the need. Thoughts begins pupping up, really new insight comes by. One of the main obstacles here is to keep the higher I awake (also mentioned by RS), it can be really hellish to get through that, especially if your self confidence been eroded through the journey.

      From time to time you will here have the experience Dottie talked about, where you are unsure if it was your own thoughts or others who thought in you. In some situations thoughts pops up clarifying your thoughts in the conciousness soul+Manas. Other times where the thought exchanges can appear are in the periods of half sleep.

      May the Roses Blossom on your Cross,

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