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37639Re: Gandalf Deniers at A_T

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  • write3chairs
    Jul 2, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Thomas Smith" wrote:

      >> It's amazing how revengeful
      >> people can be and how long they can carry around bitter feelings because
      >> of banishment from a cyber-forum…
      >> Abraços (para o Francisco!),
      >> Simone
      > Correcto, Simone, it's really dastardly of these volks
      > to accuse Uncle Taz of such a dastardly deed. And Tarjei
      > himself while all this is going on? Probably sitting in
      > a sauna contemplating his navel, too much of a gentleman
      > to even consider defending himself.


      Yes, he is indeed above reproach. And yet I don't know if there's a sauna anywhere near the fishing hole, Frank. My suspicion is that he is fishing in this lake, the one he enjoyed fishing in as a boy with his grandfather.

      Digging back into the archive, I found this, penned by Tarjei's own Holy hand:

      "There's this wonderful and moving Norwegian fairy tale about that kiddie troll -- he was blind like most of them deep inside the mountain, but his father had one eye, and he had been promised that he could borrow his old man's eye on his 500th birthday and go for a stroll. So his five hundredth birthday came along, and his father lent him his eye so he could go out after sundown, but he had to promise to return before sunrise, because if daylight hit him, he would melt into a lake.

      "The kiddie troll promised, and he went outside and looked around with his borrowed eye, at the starry sky, all the houses, the railway and so on, and he was so fascinated that he strolled around all night long and quite forgot that the sun would rise until it was too late: As soon as he remembered that, the sun came up on the horizon and hit him with an early morning ray, and the sweet kiddie-troll immediately melted into a lake.

      "It was a nice lake in Telemark, and when I was a kid, my grandfather owned that property, the whole forest around it, and he had bred some freshwater fish in it, and we used to go fishing together, almost until I was ten years old, when my grandfather passed away. We also used to swim in the lake, and in winter, we ice skated on it. So that little troll became a martyr, in a sense, for our benefit."


      Hope you're having a great summer!


      > Abraços fortes para voce!
      > Frank

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