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37620Re: Gandalf Deniers at A_T

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Jun 29, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Simone" <simonedim@...> wrote:
      > Caro Francisco,
      > It seems that Tom Mellet, despite very sharp and savvy, doesn't know
      > how to use these qualities when it comes to identifying trolls. Besides,
      > he was away from cyber anthroposophy circles for too long and
      > doesn't know most of the new players on the game. I remember he once
      > wrote here that all anthroposophists on WC were Tarjei's trolls,
      > including Brad Martin, who, we know, is a real person. So, it seems that
      > Tom sees Tarjei's ghost everywhere in the cyberspace.
      > I've read Steinar posts on WC and I've a very good guess of
      > who's behind it – I'm 99% sure, so, I can't reveal the
      > name since it is not absolute certainty and I don't wanna make false
      > cyber-accusations. These thing of proxy servers made trolling
      > identification nearly impossible, that is, you know who it is but you
      > can't ever be sure. Anyway, by situating the troll on Norway and
      > throwing here and there some of Tarjei's typical style, like
      > parodying songs and citing Nixon (Tom, you're underestimating Tarjei
      > by far!), this person (yeap, I know it's you!) certainly wanted to
      > make people believe he was Tarjei. It's amazing how revengeful
      > people can be and how long they can carry around bitter feelings because
      > of banishment from a cyber-forum…
      > Abraços (para o Francisco!),
      > Simone

      Correcto, Simone, it's really dastardly of these volks to accuse Uncle Taz of such a dastardly deed. And Tarjei himself while all this is going on? Probably sitting in a sauna contemplating his navel, too much of a gentleman to even consider defending himself.

      Abraços fortes para voce!
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