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37614Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Looking for the anthroposophical Dr.Mengele

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  • Albert Sándor
    Jun 28, 2008
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      I am reading the Akasha Chronicles, Steiner does use the term savage for certain populations, said to resembel in their habits the lives of the ancient lemurians or atlanteans.
      He also uses the term, our western culture and implies that it is a more evolved one.
      Now, this will hurt some feelings as today, in the age of great democracies and freedom, and in our just hearts, we cannot stand that human beings are classified, or thought to be of different value.
      Steiner does not make the difference between the savage man, and the western man. He makes the difference between a the extroverted, industrious, scientific culture of the west, and the paleolitic culture of some tribe on an island behind the back of God. Everyone must agree that although both are human cultures, the former is more evolved and according to our time, than the latter. This does not mean better ! It just means that the former is in the mainstream of evolution, and the latter is on a sidetrack, stagnating.
      This does not mean that the latter is useless, or it's people are below human level, or something like that.
      We know that real savages lurk in the underground of our great cities, or in high seats of politics. We know that a tribe leader in the rainforest might be more enlightened than the average Joe in an unknown office.
      Yes there are great differences between human souls, but this is not race, gender, or place related anymore. Those who attack anthroposophy, do not have in mind that souls are incarnating in various places, so if anything, anthroposophy is what against racism, sexism, xenophoby.
      If one life you are a caucasian, and the next you are african american ... how is that racist ? If one life you are a man, next life you are a woman, how is that sexist ?
      If one life you are spanish, next life you are irish, how is that xenophoby ?
      Oh, you say, ethnic souls, leading spirits od nations, races ... those are of the past. They leave us more and more freedom.
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      Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2008 2:53 AM
      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Looking for the anthroposophical Dr.Mengele

      Peter Staudenmaier: "There is a need for backward races, according to
      and theosophists, as long as there are still backward souls that need
      to progress further before they can incarnate in advanced races. That
      is what Steiner taught."

      Rhubarb Steinar:
      "What do they need backward races for? Biological experiments by
      cult-doctors? I am wondering if the Steiner-people also have their own
      Doctor Mengele."

      These Waldorf-Critics revelations are getting more and more
      penetrating. I mean they really worry me. Does anyone know an
      anthroposophical doc who openly, i.e. not secretly in some dungeon,
      practices such disgusting stuff on backward races. I mean even if they
      *are* backward that's no reason to cut 'em and stuff 'em.

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