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37613Looking for the anthroposophical Dr.Mengele

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Jun 27, 2008
      Peter Staudenmaier: "There is a need for backward races, according to
      and theosophists, as long as there are still backward souls that need
      to progress further before they can incarnate in advanced races. That
      is what Steiner taught."

      Rhubarb Steinar:
      "What do they need backward races for? Biological experiments by
      cult-doctors? I am wondering if the Steiner-people also have their own
      Doctor Mengele."

      These Waldorf-Critics revelations are getting more and more
      penetrating. I mean they really worry me. Does anyone know an
      anthroposophical doc who openly, i.e. not secretly in some dungeon,
      practices such disgusting stuff on backward races. I mean even if they
      *are* backward that's no reason to cut 'em and stuff 'em.
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