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37245Austrian Basement Children!

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  • elfuncle
    May 2, 2008

      It's been worldwide superheadlines for days now – the Austrian basement children controlled by a sexy psycho control freak. One of the hole dwellers recently made a feeble attempt to link anthroposophists to the Texas polygamy cult, but that stuff pales in comparison to this Austrian story – at least in shock horror value, meat for the media. It tickles a lot of people's id, this kind of stuff, but the hole creatures aren't satisfied yet; they're looking for the smoking gun that will pin down the Josef Fritzl story as a Waldorf trip, an anthroposophy thing. This is happening, after all, in Austria, where Steiner grew up and went to school – they've had lots of Nazis, and they've got German-speaking Waldorf teachers there, it's got to be the heartland of Waldorf and anthroposophy, and Herr Fritzl must have read some Steiner-book, because how else could he possibly have thought of something like this?

      The Waldorf Survivors know what I'm talking about. They were lucky to escape into police custody just like them basement kids, and they're outraged why their former teachers, abusers, and tormentors are not locked up in their cells like Joseph Fritzl is – because they're of the same ilk those people. The Waldorf Survivors were kept as slaves in school basements when they were kids, and their teachers had children with them, and those children were put even deeper down below by many levels – down, down, down yonder in subnature. Those children of the deep, down so low that the lava runs hot, have adjusted so well to their surroundings that they swim in it. And these are the subnatural, subterranean children of the basement children, who were spawned by the wicked seed of Waldorf teachers acting on Steiner's secret instructions as part of his plan to subjugate the world.

      So the Waldorf Survivors will have company soon – when those Austrian kids have done all their talking to police and shrinks and analysts and specialists and come of age – then they'll run over to the Abyss and dive into the hole where they feel safe, and they'll tell their horror stories to be plastered all over the PLANS website….

      So Josef Fritzl must have been a Waldorf teacher and an anthroposophist. He must have been. This is happening in Austria of all places, where the Scandinavian Steiner-children recently picked up the measles from Steinerland there in order to spread the germ all over the planet as a part of Steiner's wicked plan. The hole creatures have been drooling after something like this for years – at least something this close! They've endeavored in the past to link every conceivable freaky incident to anthroposophy – in 1999, for instance, Dan Dugan's cult expert especially interested in anthroposophy, Dr. Fine MD, wrote the following:


      From: "Alan S. Fine MD"
      Subject: A massacre in my town
      Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 11:39:33 -0600

      Yesterday, two youths, members of a neonazi group called the "black trenchcoats", "celebrated" Hitler's birthday by creating a massacre of students in a school close to where I am writing at this moment. What can be learned from this? To me we must try to raise our children to be centered, independent, and invulnerable to the influences of groups and groupism. I do not believe that children can be taught this explicitly. The adults around them must set an example, by being centered and free thinking. Is this accomplished in an environment such as a Waldorf school, where many of the role models are so highly influenced by the belief system of single group? My heart says no.

      Alan S. Fine MD


      Well, Dr. Fine tried hard, over and over again, but he missed the mark every time, but now folks, the hour has arrived: Josef Fritzl is an Austrian, he's got basement children, real basement children, and if the Devil hears intense prayers from the hole, he'll turn out to be an anthro and a Waldorf teacher!