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37240Propaganda (was: The Reverend)

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  • elfuncle
    May 2, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, robin wolfe
      <rwsherbs@...> wrote:
      > Dear Tarjei,
      > I am really glad Wright is around to squawk as much as he can and I
      hope people actually hear him.

      I agree, especially in the face of all the insiduous propaganda that
      sneaks into every conceivable kind of sentimental humanitarianism.
      There's this talk show we get with ex-Marine Montel Williams, and he's
      got all these very nice women on his show, who are writing sweet
      letters to the troops to support them. And this type of stuff is very
      comforting and meaningful to those soldiers who are in mortal danger
      all the time, we all know that. And they keep saying it's not a
      political statement, only support, being supportive.

      This is such a lie, because the political statement is being made very
      explicitly. The letters are thank you letters. It's thank you for
      keeping us safe, thank you for making sure we have our freedom at
      home, and even thank you for making sure we are a united country!

      Isn't that political? It's about oil, so the thank you could have been
      say, thank you for trying, unsuccessfully so far, to keep the prices
      down at the pump, at an astronomical cost to us taxpayers, an
      unbelievable waste of lives, and untold suffering. But it has nothing
      whatsoever to do with national security or terrorism or keeping
      freedom or keeping the country united! They were saying the same thing
      about Vietnam! Has anybody in America lost their freedom or become
      less safe because the Vietnam war was lost? Is the US a less united
      country because of that?

      And this is the type of propaganda that's most common, when they say
      it's not about politics but about supporting the troops, when it's so
      humanitarian and loving and all that. But the best way to support the
      troops is to take them out of their uniforms immediately and leave the
      control of the Middle East to the people who live there. If they stop
      messing with the Arabs, the most fanatical among them will stop
      messing with the West.

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