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  • Andrei O.
    May 1 10:25 PM
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      Tarjei, I've stopped a little bit just to say that I appreciate your efforts to bring about the information on Steiner's biography, which I otherwise would not find.
      Thank you

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      CL       The Course of My Life, by Rudolf Steiner (N.Y., 1951)

      R.        Friedrich Rittelmeyer, Rudolf Steiner Enters my Life

      (Christian Community Press, London. 3rd edition, 1954)

      N.Y.    Anthroposophic Press, New York, or Spring Valley.

      London. Rudolf Steiner Press, London, or it predecessors.


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      40.       The address is printed in Guidance in Esoteric Training (Lon¬don. 1972), page 88 ff. The quotation from the Basel address of September 22, 1913 was translated from S.R. Coroze, Biographie de Rudolf Steiner, p. 265.

      41.       Quoted in Arild Rosenkrantz, The Goetheanum as a New Impulse in Art. Privately printed, no date. Chapter 2

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      44.       These extracts are taken from a section of Belyi's book which appeared in Number 25 and 26 of the Journal for Anthroposophy, Spring and Autumn, 1977 (New York, Anthroposophical Society in America). German version was translated from the Russian original by Svetlana Geier (Basel: Zbinden Verlag).

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      59.       These letters are incorporated in a book entitled in its most recent edtion (London, 1973) Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts.

      60.       This very brief summary is taken from the slightly less brief summary by Albert Steffen who, as a member of the Vorstand, was permitted to be present. The summary appears in his book Meetings with Rudolf Steiner (Dornach: Verlag Für Schöne Wissenschaften, 1961).

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      66.       See Note 59. Letter # 29, March, 1925


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