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  • dottie zold
    Apr 6, 2008
      Dottie wrote:
      'But, yeah, Sandor, crisis is good if we can keep meeting the challenge each day. We must make a clear choice and move in it confidantly. But that must also be really vetted and worked through. Developing clear thinking free of antipathies and sympathies helps us to make a strong move in the moment with clear thinking. If we have not developed this clear thinking then it might take a little longer. But we must have courage and shake in our boots as we make these right moves. But move in them we must. These are life tranformative moments that in order to not keep repeating over and over we must take ourselves in hand.'
      Hey Sandor and Friends,
      I want to share that we must be awake to what part of us hears a certain thing. What part of us hears this above? Or anything really. We tend to look at it and hear it in how it applies to either our sympathy or our antipathy. And the point is to hear it objectively. Because ultimately we must know that in everyone we meet God is there. Christ is there. We are all born into Christ in this earthly world. All of us. And so in every karmic meeting and situations that arise, we must know that whoever is standing before us is helping us to move our heart to the fifth organ, the other 20 degrees. But we must meet it lawfully. But maybe we don't know how to meet it lawfully or even what that means. But as we work on the Eight Fold Path we can become awake to our likes and our dislikes. And this helps because we must move past them. And when we move past them we find ourselves meeting the Being of Morality. Or maybe it is that it wakes up in us. I felt something wake up in me. And because I was thinking of it I could note the waking up and then the forming of this sheath within me, th is missing piece, this piece that had been covered over by my own likes and dislikes of what is right and wrong.
      Now I have been working on this for years, ever since a child, I can know I have been trying to uncover this part of myself. I always had questions of 'is this right or wrong'. Always had questions of how I was thinking about others compared to what I thought was right or wrong. And always giving the benefit of the doubt to others as I always percieved the Christ in others. But the struggle of what is right and wrong is a human one. The being of Morality is something that is born from this struggle. And it is lawful. And then the idea comes that I must consider what the gift is that these people are offering me and what can I offer in return.
      In human terms, if you are the one being wronged, you would be a fool to even consider the other person in this manner. A born again might say 'oh  yes you must turn the other cheek' etc. but I experience that mostly without consciousness, and only doing it because it was read. 'Put a smile on your face' and forgive them. Well you can't do that properly if you haven't figured out what it is that you don't like about that and what it is that is trying to speak to you from the other. If you just 'forgive' without knowing what you are thinking of forgiving you are unconscious. If you only think of 'I am forgiving them for hurting me' and you haven't figured out what this means to you, what they might be trying to say to you, other than experiencing the hurt, then it is suffering for suffering sake. We must become conscious that what is happening is our own cocreating.
      Our own cocreating of the sucky situations in our life is a really big big deal. We, when we are conscious, have the responsibility to heal the other. This is where the 'Brother what ails thee' comes in. This is where the 'Am I my brother's keeper' comes in. Yes we are our brothers keeper because we helped to create this karma and whatever has just occurred that sucks. This is not martyrdom, no, this is consciously being accountable to how you helped this situation to come about. Once we can acknowledge that and then also think, CONTEMPLATE, what our next move might be, what the right answer to this riddle is, what we have learned about ourselves, we will then turn around and heal our karma in a lawful way. And not only that but the possibility exists that we will then also participate in the healing of the other. But not because I am thinking 'oh I am going to heal that other person because they need it', no, rather w are going to heal them out of our ability to meet our karma lawfully.
      All good things,

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