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36871Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Morality

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  • Albert Sándor
    Apr 6, 2008
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      I have been put my former actions into a painful situation where I cannot act in any way, but by hurting others. No possibility of external solution, but an inner one.
      I say staying in it is not suffering for suffering's sake, but for other's and my own sake, as I have realized the two are in fact, the same. I can only marvel at the beauty of the plan concieved to corner me. :)
      What I learnt that there is nothing on earth, or in heavens what would make causing suffering justifyable. Not even for their own good. It is not for us to decide.
      Seven years ago, I felt this, but I did not have the strenght and understanding to act accordingly.
      Thank you for the title given. I really need to expand my library. What I have read from RS: Apocalypse of John, The occult science, Reincarnation and karma, Children of Lucifer and Brothers of Christ, and ... I'll have to check. Oh, I am using The guide to meditation. More and more I learn form it, and feel how it is alive.
      The philosophy of Freedom ... this is a hard nut to crack, I never really got through the first pages, God know I tried. Probably there is a reason for this, too. I am mostly emotional and intuitive, still got to work on reason and intellect. I also read the Bible on a regular bases - not as part as my religious heritage, becuase that is non-existant. In fact, I became a christian on the impulse of The Apocalypse of John. (I used to be an atheist-materialist more than a decade ago)
      I like what you say about dogma and ideology. These two years I have been reading a lot, and one thing I learnt that I am quite influencable. I do not trust the words now, but the norishment to my soul they might contain.
      I will be thankful for any suggestions what to read, and where to get the books.
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      The name of the book is The Spiritual Foundation of Morality ~ Francis of Assis and the Christ Impulse.
      I want to say we can have no suffering for suffering sake. This has just got to change.
      All good things,

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